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Account Issue

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2020, 17:28
by ButtaLaPasta
Dear all, I'm sorry if i post in a wrong section, this is my first post on this forum .
Today I was disconnected from the server,at 17:00 Pm and when i try to get in I receive this error :
" wrong username or password . In case You haven't , please register your account first "
So, ok , I tried to change my password with the built in forgot password button , but when i click to email auth token i receive this message :
" no user was found with the email address "
Very strange .
In the past i have changed my password with success with the auth token , i dont know why today doesn't function .
Anybody can help me please ?
Best regards.

Re: Account Issue

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2020, 18:12
by Razzek1
I'm having the same issue here...

Re: Account Issue

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2020, 18:22
by ButtaLaPasta
Hi, I dont' know what happen , but there was a mass disconnection before.
So My account doesnt'seems exist .
Tried many time to close and open xmage launcher , and check the prefs.xml file but seems ok.
I've just check the connection a moment ago , but with no luck :( .

Re: Account Issue

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2020, 21:45
by Pierre

First time I post here. I've got exactly the same issue. Xmage keeps spamming "wrong username or password" but I use the password I received in the registration email. When I try to recover my password, Xmage keeps telling me there is no account with my email (but I received an email from xmage on the same adresse!)

Very strange. Never had such an issue to log in the past few years.

Re: Account Issue

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2020, 13:20
by Foran

I have the same issue. I can Login on any server except the one. Everytime I try to interact it says my password is wrong, even after a reset, and then it disconnects me. When I try to reconnect it freezes the programm.

MfG Foran

Re: Account Issue

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2020, 20:36
by JayDi
Only need login and password. If you try to connect to another servers then just enter single username without password.

Also de-server downed yesterday with broken db (that's why all users got wrong login/password). It was restored and works fine.

Re: Account Issue [CLOSED]

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2020, 17:26
by ButtaLaPasta
Server is working fine from , yesterday morning !!!
Thank you at all !!!!
Best regards,

ButtaLaPasta ;D