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Incorrect Wither Interaction

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2020, 02:27
by Specimen1334
Hey there, so I have noticed a problem with Wither, when a creature has wither and lifelink, the lifelink doesnt trigger, nor do any effects that are "when you deal damage" like deathtouch. I havent checked if this issue also exists with infect cards, but I would assume so. As to me it appears that the system sees the -1/-1 counters going on and says, well thats not damage.
However, obviously this is not how the interaction is supposed to work. They are still dealing combat damage, its just not marked damage.
I would appreciate it if this could be fixed, please and thank you.
If this is not the correct place to be posting this please let me know and I shall deleted this one and repost elsewhere.

Another issue, not super pressing but annoying, is that when a match is over, it pops up with the "Player x won!" and a close button, but the game closes automatically anyway, so sometimes I miss seeing how the match ended. It would be handy if it didnt boot me until i clicked the close button.

Thanks again.