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Incorrect cards interactions that should be fixed!

PostPosted: 21 Dec 2020, 14:53
by Pierre

First of all sorry if my english is not perfectly clear (French native speaker).

I noticed a certain amount of inccorects interactions between cards that should be fixed quickly because they provide an abnormal advantage for the players using them.

1) Yarok, the desecrated + Gilded Drake:
When you control Yarok and Gilded Drake enters the battlefield under your control, you are able to target 2 creatures of your opponents. If you choose 2 times the same creature, first occurence of the ability of Drake resolves normaly. The exchange is done, you got the opponent creature and your opponent got drake. But when we resolve the second exchange, the ability "fizzles" but Drake is sacrificied! This is wrong because I cannot sacrifice something that I do not control. The drake should just stay on opponent side.

2) Yarok + Animate Dead
Clealry something wrong here. When you cast animate dead with Yarok on the battlefield, animate dead triggers 2 times, you can choose 2 differents targets or 2 times the same target. I you choose 2 times the same target, the result is incorrect. First trigger of animate dead resolves, the creature comes into play. But when we resolve the 2nd trigger, the creature die and immediately comes back into play ! This interaction is incredibly strong in Yarok and it's incorrect. This interaction leads to 4 ETB trigger for 1B ! Normaly we resolve first animate dead trigger and the creature comes into battlefield, then 2nd trigger must fizzles because the target is now illegal or already into play (don't have the exact ruling but it's clearly wrong on Xmage).

I hope I'm clear enough to fixe those issues :)

Re: Incorrect cards interactions that should be fixed!

PostPosted: 21 Dec 2020, 20:11
by Pierre
Maybe I'm wrong with Gilded Drake finaly. Because the text says "This ability still resolves if its target becomes illegal". But I still don't understand how I could be able to sacrifice a creature that I do not control ?