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HELP Xmage Terminal vs Launcher

PostPosted: 25 Dec 2020, 18:22
by nknwntt
Hey guys,

I am running xmage on my new Mac. I have downloaded java and everything but when I attempt to open the program using the launcher nothing happens. After many many attempts, I am now able to run the program but only using terminal.

What am I missing? What should I do to simply start the program from the launcher?

Thank you very much

Re: HELP Xmage Terminal vs Launcher

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2020, 23:35
by JayDi
Don't use default download folder -- move launcher to another dir. Also some macos require run special command to enable execute access to launcher. See more details here.

xattr -c XMageLauncher-0.3.8.jar