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Release of XMage 1.4.48 Kaldheim and updated GUI

by BetaSteward

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Release of XMage 1.4.48 Kaldheim and updated GUI

Postby JayDi » 07 Feb 2021, 20:23

A new version of XMage (1.4.48) was released today.

Download the Launcher jar from to install and run Xmage.
XMage Launcher

Direct XMage downloads of the archive files (without launcher) can be found here:

1.4.48V2 (2021-02-27)
Download from github
Download from
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.48 Kaldheim and updated GUI

Postby JayDi » 07 Feb 2021, 20:27

# Release 1.4.48V0 (2021-02-07)

## New sets and cards
* Kaldheim (KHM, 2021), all 405 cards;
* Kaldheim Commander (KHC, 2021), all 119 cards;
* Mirage (MIR, 1996), 3 cards: Unerring Sling, Meddle, Dream Fighter;
* Judgment (JUD, 2002), 1 card: Grip of Amnesia;

## New game modes
* Custom jumpstart tourneys (you can upload your own jumpstart decks, see file example in `\xmage\mage-client\sample-decks\Jumpstart\` folder);
* European Highlander deck type;

## Card icons
* Added 12 ability icons: Crew, Deathtouch, Defender, Double strike, First strike, Flying, Hexproof, Indestructible, Infect, Lifelink, Trumple, Vigilance;
* Added combined ability icon (if card contains too much ability icons then you can see full list as a mouse hint);
* Added playable abilities counter (now users can see playable amount and abilities list before clicks on the object);
* Added preferences settings to enable or disable card icons (preferences -> images tab -> card styles);

## Game GUI improves
* Dialogs: improved ability picker dialog for double sides, split and adventure cards (if one side is playable then you can see ability name before play/cast it, see #7361);
* Players: added cards and mana amount info to player's panel hint (example: move mouse over mana icons);
* Scrollbars: added auto-scroll to the last added card in the hand and stack zones;
* Scrollbars: improved scrollbars speed, so it moves more faster by mouse wheel (hand, stack, battlefield);
* Scrollbars: fixed scrollbars in hand and stack zones;
* Windows: added double clicks support for titled windows to minimize/expand a window (example: reveal/graveyard windows);
* Windows: fixed duplicated/uncloseable/freezed choose dialogs (example: pick pile, pick target card from the list);
* Windows: fixed that playable/chooseable cards doesn't highlighting in the exile zone;
* Arrows: fixed wrong position of the target arrows (for small permanents or attachments);
* Arrows: added attackers/targets arrows updates on scrollbars or window size changes (now you can use scroll bar and see actual arrows);
* Cards: fixed that the playable card mark is not displayed for the second side after day/night button click;
* Cards: fixed rendering issues in IMAGE mode (improved selection, improved small cards, etc);

## Other GUI improves
* Deck editor: added more info to the auto-sorted stacks (creature type, cmc, color, etc);
* Deck editor: added stacks selection/unselection by count label clicks (creature type, cmc, color, etc);
* Deck editor: added double clicks mode info and hint (double clicks with or without alt);
* Deck editor: fixed wrong insert arrows drawing;
* Drafting: added more info to the picked cards (creature type, cmc, color, etc);

## Commander and oathbreaker improves
* Added support of split cards as commander (signature spell);
* Added support of adventure cards as commander;
* Added support of modal double faces cards as commander;
* Modal double faces cards: fixed that some effects can't find MDF commanders on battlefield (example: Fierce Guardianship, #7504);
* Modal double faces cards: fixed that color identity doesn't contains second side colors;
* Oathbreaker: fixed that some cards that refer to commander can affects signature spells too;
* Aus Highlander: updated points list;

## Other
* Game: added a limit to how many tokens are made (500 tokens per player in game, see #7469);
* Game: fixed wrong card names in some cubes;
* Game: added new sample deck "\xmage\mage-client\sample-decks\1998\1998 Draw Go World Championship Deck Randy Buehler.dck";
* Server: added loaded plugins stats and error message on outdated config.xml;

## Abilities fixes
* Affinity effects - improved compatible;
* Color changes of cards and spells - improved compatible (example: fixed Painter's Servant, see #7325, #6487);
* Copy target spell abilities - improve support of copied creature spells, now tokens will work same way as cards (bug example: lost kicked status for copied spell/token);
* Double faces and adventure cards: improved support with some "exile and cast" effects like Hostage Taker (#7446);
* Equip goaded - fixed in can't attack control in 2 player games (example: Bloodthirsty Blade, see #7466);
* Escape abilities - fixed that it being castable from non graveyard zones (example: cast with Cascade , see #7225);
* Flashback ability - fixed that split cards shows duplicated abilities in choose dialog (#7500);
* Kicker abilities - improved support with copied creature spells (example: Verazol, the Split Current, #7431, #7433);
* Landwalk abilities - fixed that it counting all lands instead defending player's (#7427);
* Mana increase effects - fixed that some infinite mana combos gives 0 mana on too much permanents/effects (example: Nyxbloom Ancient);
* Morph lands - allows morph lands to be cast face down at instant speed (example: Zoetic Cavern, see #7169);

## Cards fixes
* Arcane Adaption - fixed that it doesn't check the owner of the commander cards;
* Bend or Break - fixed that pile choosing can be skipped;
* Blim, Comedic Genius - fixed not working second half of the combat damage trigger (#7238);
* Cavern of Souls and similar cards - fixed spamming game logs (#7079);
* Choice of Damnations - improved AI support, fixed rollback error in AI games;
* Conflux - fixed that it could target only land cards (#7310);
* Fall from Favor - fixed that creature always uptapping (#7337);
* Fleet Swallower - fixed combo with Bruvac the Grandiloquent (#7223);
* God-Eternal Kefnet - fixed compatible work with split cards (#7397);
* Gonti, Lord of Luxury - fixed that it can't play modal double faces lands and adventure cards (#7451);
* Haldan, Avid Archivist - fixed that it doesn't allowing to spend mana of any type (#7122);
* Imoti, Celebrant of Bounty - fixed that it doesn't gives cascade to X spells (#7409);
* Jungle Wurm - fixed wrong calculating (#7449);
* Keldon Megaliths - fixed that it doesn't tapping as a cost (#7458);
* Moraug, Fury of Akoum - fixed that not only controlled creatures were boosted;
* Mowu, Loyal Companion - fixed that it doesn't apply replacment effect to itself on ETB (#7111);
* Nightveil Specter - fixed that it can't play modal double faces lands and adventure cards (#7451);
* O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami - fixed that it can exiles a permanent without attack (#7244);
* Odric, Master Tactician - fixed not working effect (#7266);
* Pain's Reward - improved AI support, fixed rollback error in AI games;
* Release to the Wind - fixed that it can't cast exiled cards (#7415, #7416);
* Repeated Reverberation - fixed rollback error on creatures cast (#7474);
* Rielle, the Everwise - fixed that it doesn't trigger of cycling (#7368);
* Sakashima of a Thousand Faces - fixed rollback error on usage (#7440, #7420, #7403);
* Shaman of Forgotten Ways - fixed available mana calcs for creature spells (#7162);
* Szat's Will - fixed;
* Thief of Sanity - fixed that it can't play modal double faces lands and adventure cards (#7451);
* Underworld Breach - fixed that it allows to play no cost cards like Ancestral Vision and Wheel of Fate from graveyard (#7382);
* Valakut Exploration - fixed that it can't play exiled cards with in others turns (#7309);
* Volcano Hellion - improved AI support, fixed rollback error in AI games;
* Wall of Resistance - fixed that it doesn't get +0/+1 counters (#7450);
* Wheel of Misfortune - fixed not working effect in some chooses results (#7331);
* Yawgmoth's Agenda - fixed that play from graveyard effect applies only to its controller (#7491);
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.48 Kaldheim and updated GUI

Postby JayDi » 13 Feb 2021, 17:27

# Release 1.4.48V1 (2021-02-13)

## New cards
* Mirage (MIR, 1996), 2 cards: Sealed Fate, Wall of Corpses;
* Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition (SLU, 2020): ~50 reprints;

## New boosters
* Added experimental support of real life boosters (factory uses special cards list to cut off and insert cards to the boosters, more info can be found in website;
* Real life boosters used for Kaldheim and Theros Beyond Death sets now (#7529);

## Other
* Performance: memory usage optimization of deck editor for low end computers, now it can works with 400 MB settings (#7515);
* Performance: fixed 2x memory usage on second search (#7177);
* Images: added download support of localized images for double faces cards;
* Images: fixed wrong second side image after localized images download (you must re-download KHM and ZNR sets to fix it);
* Images: added more download stats (now you can see a progress of prepare stage);
* Sample decks: added 2004 MTG World Championship deck series (#7540, look at `\xmage\mage-client\sample-decks\2004\`);
* Server: fixed bloated error messages on wrong AI usage in new game dialogs (#7556);
* Draft: fixed missing snow dual lands in KHM boosters (#7521);

## Abilities fixes
* Foretell - fixed that it show card name in game logs (#7522);
* Copy aura target - fixed missing aura re-targeting for copied aura (example: Orvar, the All-Form, see #7536, #6798);
* Exile and return to battlefield - fixed that it doesn't return modal double faces cards (example: Aminatou, the Fateshifter, see #7516);

## Cards fixes
* Ascent of the Worthy - fixed chapter 3 and added choice info into game logs;
* Axgard Armory - fixed that it doesn't revealing on the search;
* Colfenor, the Last Yew - fixed that it doesn't being able to target correctly;
* Curse of the Swine - fixed wrong exile order and improved support with cards like Ranar the Ever-Watchful (#7544);
* Essence Flux - fixed interaction with modal double faces cards;
* Gor Muldrak, Amphinologist - fixed that it doesn't working correctly when a player controls no creatures (#7545);
* Hero of Bretagard - fixed that it put 1 counter instead multiple after multi-exile event (#7520);
* Marwyn, the Nurturer - fixed that it doesn't trigger on non elf permanents like Prowess of the Fair (#7535);
* Obscuring Haze - fixed rollback on usage (#7534);
* Ruthless Winnower - fixed that it sacrificing non-creature permanents (#7517);
* Spectral Steel - fixed that it being able to exile itself as a cost (#7531);
* Surtland Flinger - fixed that it doesn't sacrificing the chosen creature (#7554);
* The Bears of Littjara - fixed that it doesn't sacrificing after chapter 3 (#7527);
* Valki, God of Lies - fixed that it return cards after blinks (#7561);
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.48 Kaldheim and updated GUI

Postby JayDi » 27 Feb 2021, 19:07

# Release 1.4.48V2 (2021-02-27)

## New cards
* Strixhaven: School of Mages (STX, 2021), 5 cards: Lorehold Command, Prismari Command, Quandrix Command, Silverquill Command, Witherbloom Command;
* Zendikar Rising Expeditions (ZNE, 2020); 30 reprints;

## Other
* AI: improved support of "as though mana" abilities (now computer can choose correct mana ability to pay, example: Draugr Necromancer);
* AI: improved spell ability choose for forced cast (example: cast target card without mana cost);
* GUI: improved spell ability choose for forced cast (now you can see only castable spells to choose);
* GUI: fixed that European Highlander games aren't visible in the lobby (#7612);
* GUI: fixed outdated description of "show ability picker" option in preferences (now it related to mdf/adventure cards too, see #7582);
* Game: updated ban list;
* Server: improved versioning to support new launcher (maven version numbers compatible, see #7515);
* Documentation: updated FAQ (added macOS execute access fix for not running launcher bug);

## Abilities fixes
* Attacked and isn't blocked conditional - fixed cards which trigger on unblocked attackers (example: Cloak of Confusion);
* Cascade - fixed spell ability choose for forced cast of mdf and adventure cards (can contains one or both sides);
* Cascade - implemented latest oracle update (#7583);
* Damage to planeswalker - improved damage processing to permanents which is both a creature and a planeswalker (example: Gideon Jura, see #7592);
* Foretell/Foretold - fixed that it being uncastable after cost reduced to 0 (example: Ethereal Valkyrie, see #7607);
* Foretell/Foretold - fixed that you can look at opponent card (#7596);

## Cards fixes
* Aquitect's Will - fixed that card's mana can't be used while casting spell (#7597);
* Archfiend's Vessel - fixed that it doesn't moving to exile (#7622);
* Bane Alley Broker - improved implementation;
* Battle for Bretagard - fixed chapter III (#7599);
* Bronzehide Lion - fixed rollback error on usage (#7564);
* Desertion - fixed rollback error on fizzled counter spell (#7613);
* Draugr Necromancer - fixed combo support with mdf/split/adventure cards (#7620);
* Draugr Necromancer - fixed that it doesn't allow snow mana to be used for exiled cards;
* Elsha of the Infinite - fixed that it gives flash ability to cards in the hand instead library's top card (#7605);
* Faith's Reward - fixed that it counting cards which had left and re-entered graveyards;
* Fell Shepherd - fixed that it counting cards which had left and re-entered graveyards;
* Geode Golem - fixed duplicated commander tax on damage trigger (#7593);
* Gift of the Gargantuan - improved choices text;
* Goblin Artisans - fixed that it doesn't work (#7629);
* Haldan, Avid Arcanist - fixed rollback error on usage without partner;
* Haldan, Avid Arcanist - fixed that ability applying to all spells (#7585, #7589);
* Immortal Coil - fixed broken damage effect;
* Khalni Gem - fixed wrong targeting;
* King Harald's Revenge - fixed that it requiring all creatures to block rather than just one;
* King Narfi's Betrayal - fixed rollback error on no targets for exile;
* Kruphix, God of Horizons and Horizon Stone - fixed endless replacement effect loop;
* Leyline of Combustion - fixed duplicated targeted triggers (example: Collective Brutality, see #7626, #7616);
* Lurrus of the Dream-Den - fixed that it allow to cast cards on any turn instead only your;
* Mystic Reflection - fixed not working card (#7541);
* Old-Growth Troll - fixed that card's copy doesn't trigger a death ability (#7601);
* Rune of Might - fixed that it giving flying instead of trample through an equipment;
* Satyr Enchanter - fixed that draw trigger being optional (#7587);
* Spark Double - fixed duplicated counters on copying of another Spark Double (#7553);
* Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor - fixed that emblem can't cast not owned cards (#7598);
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