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Testing facilities

PostPosted: 03 Aug 2013, 15:36
by thefiremind
I remember someone having posted a kind of "god mode" card in the request topic, well, I made something similar and I thought this was the best place to share it. I called it "Leyline of Deity", and it's really good for testing purposes.

  1. AI players can't cast it, so you can make mirror matches with your test deck without worrying about the AI having the same powers.
  2. It has a "leyline" ability that works in any zone (that's the reason for the name), so it always enters the battlefield immediately, but only for human players.
  3. It has shroud, indestructible, and a sort of "persistent undying" that always brings it back from the graveyard. Protection from everything seemed redundant to me so I didn't include it.
  4. By using its activated abilities you can mimic the following cards: Demonic Tutor, single-turn Omniscience, Time Warp, Master Warcraft. They all cost {0}. I can't think of anything else really useful, but if you have suggestions, let me know.
  5. The card is fully translated, except for the Korean translations of the title and the Master Warcraft ability.
  6. The AI doesn't think for too long when this card is on the battlefield because I added the following blocks to each activated ability:
    Code: Select all
        <AI_AVAILABILITY window_step="untap" />
        <AVAILABILITY per_turn_limit="100" />
    (don't do this on real cards, it's just a hack :wink:)
There's a little glitch: the scrollbar doesn't appear even if the abilities are all granted (maybe because I haven't included any non-granted ability text), but the mouse wheel works anyway.

If you plan to use this card together with Opalescence, remember to change its casting cost, since it's set to {0} now. :lol:

For those wondering what the flavor text is about, it's the famous cryptic flavor text from Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind (the original Guildpact version). I inserted it as a signature... :mrgreen:

If someone else invented cards that help testing, feel free to share them in this topic.

EDIT: sorry, I had made a mistake on the Demonic Tutor ability. I fixed it now.

EDIT 2: ...and I had forgot to make the filters reevaluating on the Omniscience ability. Fixed as well.

Re: Testing facilities

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2013, 21:04
by gorem2k
I had a testing card too for 2013 called Demonic Land that had a tutor ability as well but also had "when entering it automatically put 10 cards from my library into play" just to make testing creature into play faster ;) but this one looks like a good template ! I will use it for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Testing facilities

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2013, 01:03
by East Bay
lol I used your leyline code for testing in 2013 for the longest time except I added another triggered ability to have active_zone="ZONE_LIBRARY" makes life so easy to put the whole deck onto battlefield turn 0 :mrgreen:

Re: Testing facilities

PostPosted: 23 Aug 2013, 09:00
by Kieran
Thanks TFM! I'll definitely use this and try to think of ways to expand on the concept.