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Looking for an online tcg game maker

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2020, 18:58
by MilesSawyer
So, let me clarify by saying I'm not looking for a site to create TCG cards. I'm actually looking for a site that allows you to import cards and play your created TCG against others. I've been wanting to play a really neat fan TCG game for quite some while now, but with not many people around me who play TCGs and not being able to print out all of the cards (it's over 800 custom cards), I'm hoping to find a site or software that would let me recreate this card game.

It's kind of like a mixture of Hearthstone and Magic (and apparently Yu-Gi-Oh, but I haven't played that), so that might help in round out the engines. I've currently got two engines in mind, Dulst and Table Top Simulator. Dulst is free and looks pretty nice while even having it's own system for collecting cards and setting up players, but I'm afraid it may require some coding know how in order to get that game running properly. Table top simulator Costs money and is very simple and slow from what I've seen, but it might require less coding and be a little more straight forward.

So, any other alternatives or sites for help? Just about anything is appreciated.

Re: Looking for an online tcg game maker

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2020, 16:39
by L E A F
If you are on windows, mac or Linux then try lackeyccg