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PSP Genesis - Indie Game contest. More than 4000$ to win

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2011, 22:59
by frwololo
Some of you know me for Wagic, a PSP/Windows/Unix/Maemo card game with AI support (link in my sig).

I'm also a huge fan of PSP "homebrews" (indie games and applications). I'm currently organizing a contest for this platform.

The total prizes for the contest are close to 4300$, of which 95% are prizes in cash. (officially 3200$ for now, but I've been contacted by other sponsors)

Usually such contests are not widespread, because the PSP is not such a popular platform, and the prizes are closer to 300$, usually mostly PSP specific goodies.

This time we managed to gather a huge number of sponsors, so I'm thinking the interest might rise beyond the usual realm of "psp websites".

If you're interested (maybe you coded a game for the iPhone and want to port it? Maybe you have a cool PC game in the works that would work fine on a portable device with some tweaks? Maybe you have an ongoing project, and the only thing you need is a few PSP tutorials or a PSP dev to help you?), check it out at

And if you know indie game devs, please spread the word. I think it's very rare to see an independent contest with such massive prizes. :)

Looking forward to seeing many entries!

Re: PSP Genesis - Indie Game contest. More than 4000$ to win

PostPosted: 12 Feb 2011, 05:33
by MageKing17
I don't have access to a hackable PSP, and if I did I wouldn't have any free time anyway, but this still sounds pretty cool.