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Enemy Turns are Oddly Slow

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Enemy Turns are Oddly Slow

Postby bushwhacker2k » 30 Mar 2020, 07:53

I installed MagicTheGathering2010Edition (not sure if that's the latest available but it's what I had) and the game has been running fantastically. I went through and beat the game.

I started a new game on a higher difficulty as a different color and it simply wouldn't properly display my character portrait, in addition to my starting name being a strange jumble of characters. At this point I uninstalled the game completely and then reinstalled it. Fortunately the portrait and name worked fine this time.

However, one thing that's been confusing me is that duels are MUCH slower now. I don't remember exactly how fast it was the first time but I definitely don't remember it feeling so frustratingly slow. It especially drags on the Main Phases of my enemy's turn.

I have no idea what could be causing this (especially in a game from 1997). Please advise if you have any ideas as to how I could fix this. Thanks.

(On an unrelated note, I find the movement in-game to feel much too quick (doesn't help when three enemies suddenly phase into existence ten feet away and dash at me like their lives depend on it) and I wonder if there's a way to slow that down a bit. Maybe I should make a different thread?)

EDIT: Ah, I guess coming to ask this question put me in the problem-solving mood. I set the .exe files in the MagicTG folder as "run as administrator" and now it's easily twice as fast(the dueling, I mean, not the running). Hopefully someone benefits from this information at least. ^_^

(I should mention that my old saves seem to have become inaccessible from doing this though, so I guess it's best done right after installing Shandalar.)

EDIT2: Well, even though it does seem quicker than it was before I did that, it can sometimes still be obnoxiously slow for a game over twenty years old. :/ I swear it was faster than this the first time around that I installed it not that long ago.
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