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Yet Another 2010 Shandalar install issue post

MicroProse's Shandalar Campaign Game, now with new cards & a new look!

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Yet Another 2010 Shandalar install issue post

Postby CearenseCuartetero » 12 Nov 2021, 07:53

Got this game working a couple of years ago and wanted to install it to a new Windows 10 pc, I only care for the RPG gamemode and don't use anything else. My installation process was as follows:
-Install the Duels of the Planeswalkers 2010 ISO (no patch since when I started running the patch it seemed to just be a graphical upgrade on the cards and I like its original look)
-Replace the FaceMaker.exe with a "no-resolution-change" one (before this the game would crash with a message appearing along the lines of "File not found: EXITING" and a filepath pointing to D: drive which I do not have)
-Install windows ADK to make a fix that disables GDI Batching (a lot of missing text was in the game, plus slowing down duels somehow)

So now the game is definitely playable, yet there are still a couple of issues:
-Deck Editor will have cards disappear when removed from deck, it's consistent but I couldn't find an internal logic for it (the first card to enter the "reserve storage" would always disappear, a lot of times the first card of a color in the reserve would too, filtering the storage by card color on and then off would cause the cards to reappear, sometimes exiting to village menu and back would cause the cards to reappear, etc)
-Character Avatar is a corrupted Missingno with gibberish for a name (in my case, a bunch of Es with accent marks, although the initial name can be changed), although I think sometimes the ingame avatar to the left side of the screen would sometimes work
-The game was prone to "double clicks" where it would register a mouse click but immediately apply another one on the following screen, making it seem like there wasn't a difficulty option at creation, immediately leaving the Journal upon entry and having talking to the wise man appear to fail sometimes (since it would click in and immediately click out, making it seem like the game didn't register the click but rather flashed black and caused the UI to reload)

I would like to know if anyone has had experience with these remaining problems and know a way to solve them, I wouldn't mind installing another version as long as it keeps everything, except bugfixes and AI improvements, as vanilla as possible

Bonus Question: Is there a way to apply the ADK text fix automatically to the .exe or shortcut? I need to manually open Compatibility Administrator, find the fix, browse files for the executable and open it from there
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Re: Yet Another 2010 Shandalar install issue post

Postby Huggybaby » 23 Nov 2021, 16:16

There is an ACT fix and a DEP fix, I don't know about ADK but it's been a long time. IIRC there was something in the readme about facemaker too. If you're seeing corrupt characters then something is wrong.
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