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Windows 10 Install Problem

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2018, 12:31
by jobait
I'm trying to install from the 2010 ISO file but every time I run the installer, the intro will load and then the program freezes as soon as it's over or you skip it. I've run in all the compatibility modes and am not sure what else to try.

I'd be down for installing an older version or something but I can't find anything but the 2010 ISO torrent anywhere.

Can anyone help out or point me in the right direction?

Re: Windows 10 Install Problem

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2018, 11:57
by arodriguez3787
Hey there, have you ran the mounted iso's autorun.exe in windows xp service pack 2 (for compatibility mode) and then ran as an administrator? If that doesn't work try going into the iso's setup folder and running setup.exe to skip the intro movie.