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Pro Tour History_2000 Worlds Championships

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Pro Tour History_2000 Worlds Championships

Postby Bog Wraith » 30 Oct 2010, 20:05

Continuing from the teaser featuring Jon Finkel on the cover, viewtopic.php?p=45211#p45211 here is the coverage from the MTG 2000 Worlds Championship from Brussels, Belgium.

Allot of people have have always been intrigued by the Pro Tour & how these events are structured, what formats are played, who attended them and what the results for the meta game in general would be based on new deck designs for constructed play.

Another highlight for Magic players is to see what the top players in the world are drafting and what that meant for limited play based on the card pool available at that time.

So here is the coverage of the 2000 Worlds presented through the 4 days of the tournament covering both individual & national team play. I thought that this would be a great place to start given how special that year was & the fact that this is the 10 year anniversary of that great event in Belgium.

There were a ton of great players at this event, some like Finkel, would be eventual Hall of Fame members.

It's also noteworthy that Tinker, which was a key component, (no, not Voltaic Key :P ) to the deck that would dominate the constructed format would be given the old heave-ho onto the banned/restricted list not long after this tournament, and this from the Urza block, a block that already had a number of cards on said list!

One last thing, the magazine was printed on glossy paper, coupled with the fact that it is 10 years old now, so I had to adjust the levels of the page scans to bring out the type a bit more, so some of the pictures on the pages are a bit darker than they would normally be. I wanted to make sure that the text was easier to read.

I've packaged the 20 pages of coverage into 4 zips, each a bit less than 3 MB's!

Let us know what your thoughts on this was and if there is anything you'd like to share from your experiences from any events like any Pro Tour Qualifiers or other tournaments you might have participated in.

BTW, if you're interested in playing with some of these & other decks, they're part of the decks project I put together along with other folks who have helped to keep it up to date. They are in MWS format, but they can be opened in other apps like Nate's Deck Builder, & played with in Jorbes' fabulous program OPT, available here at CCGHQ.

Here is the link to the decks: viewtopic.php?p=27141#p27141

Here is a look at page 1 to give you a taste of the goodies inside!
Worlds 2000_01.jpg
Page 1
The Sideboard Magazine_2000 Worlds Pt.1
(2.63 MiB) Downloaded 294 times
The Sideboard Magazine_2000 Worlds Pt.2
(2.78 MiB) Downloaded 272 times
The Sideboard Magazine_2000 Worlds Pt.3
(2.71 MiB) Downloaded 280 times
The Sideboard Magazine_2000 Worlds Pt.4
(2.53 MiB) Downloaded 286 times
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