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Bug - Can't open Heap or Edit decks from menu

PostPosted: 24 Jan 2011, 22:08
by justme
I've tried to reproduce this, but with no luck. I'm still putting it here, just in case I, or anyone else, experience it again.
Nothing was written in any logs, although the bug could suggest a NullPointerException (since nothing happens)

What happended:
From the Cards menupoint: View Player Heap is 'active' but clicking it didn't open the heap, nor did it return any error messages or write to the log.
Debug logging is enabled, and set to default (0)

Same thing for both Create/Edit Player Deck and Create/Edit Computer Deck.

Step to reproduce:
Unknown at this time. Both Heap, Persisent Player Collection and Shop had been opened and closed several times within a short time span (spam clicking)