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Magarena 1.75

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Magarena 1.75

Postby melvin » 31 Jul 2016, 14:07

In this release, we started to go over all missing cards and indicate if they
could be implemented with groovy code or they were not supported. This is done
by adding a status property to the card script. Out of the 4835 missing cards,
3470 have been annotated with the status properly.

We have also fixed five bugs and added 196 new cards, many from the Eldritch
Moon expansion.

Click here to download for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

includes contributions from:

- add Eldritch Moon to sets and formats

- show card image in sidebar of card script viewer

- add status property to indicate whether a missing card is supported

- added the following to the card script:
* ability: Snow landwalk
* ability: Snow swampwalk
* ability: Snow forestwalk
* ability: Conspire
* ability: Emerge <mana cost>
* ability: <permanents> can't block it
* ability: SN cost {1} less to cast for each <amount>
* ability: Whenever <permanent> enters the battlefield under an opponent's control, <effect>.
* effect: <players> lose <amount> life. You gain life equal to the life lost this way
* effect: <sn/rn> fights <permanent>

- fixed the following bugs:
* crash in deck editor when selecting subtypes (issue #802)
* changing folder name manually results in "Not enough free space" warning (issue #803)
* Grisly Salvage did not put rest of cards to graveyard (issue #791)
* Walker of the Wastes did not count the number of Wastes correctly (issue #793)
* Gate Smasher can be equipped on opponent's creature (issue #794)

- added the following cards:
Abundant Maw, Advanced Stitchwing, Æthertow, Agent of Acquisitions,
Agent of Masks, Akroan Horse, Alchemist's Greeting, Amass the Components,
Angelic Captain, Angelic Field Marshal, Angus Mackenzie,
Aura Gnarlid, Awoken Horror, Barkshell Blessing, Bastion Protector,
Battering Wurm, Bedlam Reveler, Bloodbriar, Bloodhall Priest, Blood Mist,
Blood Tithe, Bold Impaler, Boon of Emrakul, Brazen Wolves, Burn Trail,
Campaign of Vengeance, Canal Dredger, Cathar's Shield, Certain Death,
Champion of Lambholt, Choking Restraints, Cogwork Librarian,
Cogwork Spy, Cogwork Tracker, Command Beacon, Courageous Outrider,
Crossroads Consecrator, Cryptbreaker, Cultist's Staff, Dawn Gryff,
Deal Broker, Decimator of the Provinces, Demon of Wailing Agonies,
Den Protector, Desperate Sentry, Distemper of the Blood,
Disturbing Plot, Docent of Perfection, Drag Under, Drogskol Shieldmate,
Dronepack Kindred, Dusk Feaster, Duskwatch Recruiter, Eldrazi Displacer,
Emrakul's Influence, Enlightened Maniac, Extricator of Flesh,
Extricator of Sin, Exultant Cultist, Faithbearer Paladin, Faith Unbroken,
Falkenrath Reaver, Field Creeper, Fiend Binder, Fight to the Death,
Final Iteration, Fogwalker, Furyblade Vampire, Galvanic Bombardment,
Gavony Unhallowed, Geier Reach Sanitarium, Geist-Fueled Scarecrow,
Geist of the Archives, Geist of the Lonely Vigil, Ghastly Discovery,
Giantbaiting, Gleeful Sabotage, Gnarlwood Dryad, Granite Shard,
Gruul Ragebeast, Guardian of Pilgrims, Haunted Dead, Heartwood Shard,
Heron's Grace Champion, Howlgeist, Howling Chorus, Ice Floe,
Incendiary Flow, Ingenious Skaab, Insatiable Gorgers, Ironclad Slayer,
Ironwright's Cleansing, Ishkanah, Grafwidow, It of the Horrid Swarm,
It That Rides as One, Jinxed Idol, Krallenhorde Howler, Laboratory Brute,
Lashweed Lurker, Latulla's Orders, Legions of Lim-Dûl, Liliana's Elite,
Lone Rider, Lore Seeker, Lunarch Mantle, Lunar Force, Lupine Prototype,
Make Mischief, Malakir Bloodwitch, Markov Crusader, Master of Arms,
Memory Sluice, Mercurial Geists, Mine Excavation, Mockery of Nature,
Mournwillow, Nebelgast Herald, Nessian Wilds Ravager, Niblis of Frost,
Noose Constrictor, Ojutai Exemplars, Olivia's Dragoon, Pearl Shard,
Pine Walker, Piston Sledge, Planar Guide, Primal Druid, Prophetic Ravings,
Reach of Shadows, Reclusive Artificer, Ride Down, Rime Dryad,
Sanctifier of Souls, Scholar of Athreos, Scour the Laboratory,
Selfless Spirit, Servant of Tymaret, Shrill Howler, Sigardian Priest,
Silumgar Assassin, Skarrgan Pit-Skulk, Skirsdag Supplicant,
Sokenzan Renegade, Somberwald Stag, Spectral Reserves,
Spirit of the Hunt, Spiteful Returned, Spitfire Handler,
Splendid Reclamation, Spontaneous Mutation, Springsage Ritual,
Steadfast Cathar, Stensia Banquet, Stensia Innkeeper,
Stormsurge Kraken, Strange Augmentation, Stromkirk Condemned,
Subjugator Angel, Succumb to Temptation, Swan Song, Swift Spinner,
Take Inventory, Tattered Haunter, Thalia, Heretic Cathar,
Thalia's Lancers, Thermo-Alchemist, Thing in the Ice,
Thoughtbound Primoc, Thraben Standard Bearer, Thunderfoot Baloth,
Tormented Hero, Traitor's Roar, Triad of Fates, Tyrant's Familiar,
Ulrich of the Krallenhorde, Ulrich, Uncontested Alpha, Ulvenwald Observer,
Unliving Psychopath, Urborg Panther, Urborg Syphon-Mage,
Vampire Cutthroat, Veiled Crocodile, Vexing Scuttler, Vildin-Pack Outcast,
Wailing Ghoul, Wandering Wolf, Weaver of Lightning, Weirded Vampire,
Whispergear Sneak, Whispers of Emrakul, Wild Mammoth, Wolfkin Bond,
Woodcutter's Grit, Woodland Patrol, Wretched Gryff, Zombie Musher
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Re: Magarena 1.75

Postby kannikkiy » 01 Aug 2016, 15:46

Thanks a lot for new release! Updated Russian translation in attachments.
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Re: Magarena 1.75

Postby Lodici » 02 Aug 2016, 18:46

kannikkiy wrote:Thanks a lot for new release! Updated Russian translation in attachments.
Thanks, committed to source.
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