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Magarena 1.84

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Magarena 1.84

Postby melvin » 30 Apr 2017, 13:32

This release includes 151 new cards, many from from the latest set, Amonkhet.
In addition, seven bugs have been fixed.

Thanks to vmassuchetto, Arch Linux users can now directly install Magarena from the
Arch User Repository.

Click here to download for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

includes contributions from:

- include the set Amonkhet and update banned and restricted list

- Arch Linux package for Magarena in AUR

- changed/added the following to the user interface:
* double-click an empty area of the battlefield to pass (issue #1070)
* new animation image when AI is thinking during a game
* play click sound when rotating style/layout dial

- added the following to the card script:
* condition: <n> or fewer cards in hand
* condition: you've cast a noncreature spell this turn
* trigger: Whenever you cycle or discard a card, <effect>
* ability: <spell> you cast cost {n} less to cast
* ability: SN costs {n} less to cast if <condition>
* ability: Embalm <cost>

- fixed the following bugs:
* style/layout dial out of sync on right click (issue #1097)
* top decks exception if deck file is missing (issue #1093)
* various grammatical errors in effect text (issue #1095 and #1100)
* sidebar components repositioning during a game (issue #1102)
* Vessel of Nascency does not move cards to graveyard if option is not taken (issue #1094)
* Cat Soldier creature token missing the Soldier subtype

- added the following cards:
Ajani's Comrade, Angel of Sanctions, Angler Drake, Anointer Priest,
Archfiend of Ifnir, Aven Initiate, Aven Wind Guide, Baleful Ammit,
Binding Mummy, Blazing Volley, Blighted Bat, Bloodlust Inciter,
Bloodrage Brawler, Bone Picker, Bontu's Monument, Canyon Slough,
Careful Consideration, Cartouche of Ambition, Cartouche of Knowledge,
Cartouche of Solidarity, Cartouche of Zeal, Cast Out, Celestial Mantle,
Censor, Channeler Initiate, Colossapede, Companion of the Trials,
Compelling Argument, Compulsory Rest, Consuming Fervor,
Cradle of the Accursed, Crocodile of the Crossing, Cryptic Serpent,
Curator of Mysteries, Deem Worthy, Desert Cerodon, Desiccated Naga,
Dissenter's Deliverance, Djeru's Resolve, Doomed Dissenter,
Drake Haven, Dread Wanderer, Dune Beetle, Electrify, Enigma Drake,
Faith of the Devoted, Fan Bearer, Festering Mummy, Fetid Pools,
Final Reward, Forsake the Worldly, Galestrike, Graceful Cat,
Grasping Dunes, Greater Sandwurm, Gremlin Infestation, Grim Strider,
Guardian of the Great Conduit, Haunting Hymn, Haze of Pollen,
Hazoret's Monument, Hazoret the Fervent, Hekma Sentinels,
Hieroglyphic Illumination, Honed Khopesh, Honored Crop-Captain,
Honored Hydra, Horror of the Broken Lands, Hyena Pack,
Illusory Wrappings, Initiate's Companion, Irrigated Farmland,
Kefnet's Monument, Khenra Charioteer, Labyrinth Guardian,
Lay Claim, Lifecraft Awakening, Liliana, Death's Majesty,
Liliana's Mastery, Limits of Solidarity, Luxa River Shrine, Manglehorn,
Metalwork Colossus, Miasmic Mummy, Might of Old Krosa, Minotaur Sureshot,
Neheb, the Worthy, Nimble-Blade Khenra, Oashra Cultivator, Oath of Ajani,
Oketra's Attendant, Oketra's Monument, Oketra the True, Ornery Kudu,
Painful Lesson, Pathmaker Initiate, Pitiless Vizier, Pouncing Cheetah,
Protection of the Hekma, Pull from Tomorrow, Pursue Glory, Regal Caracal,
Renegade Firebrand, Rhonas's Monument, Rhonas the Indomitable,
River Serpent, Runehorn Hellkite, Ruthless Sniper, Sacred Cat,
Samut, Voice of Dissent, Scalding Tongs, Scaled Behemoth,
Scattered Groves, Scribe of the Mindful, Seeker of Insight,
Seraph of the Suns, Shadowstorm Vizier, Shed Weakness, Shefet Monitor,
Sheltered Thicket, Shimmerscale Drake, Sixth Sense, Slither Blade,
Sparring Mummy, Stinging Shot, Stir the Sands, Sulfurous Blast,
Sunscorched Desert, Supply Caravan, Sweltering Suns, Tah-Crop Skirmisher,
Tapestry of the Ages, Tattered Mummy, Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun,
Those Who Serve, Thresher Lizard, Throne of the God-Pharaoh,
Trial of Ambition, Trial of Knowledge, Trial of Solidarity,
Trial of Strength, Trial of Zeal, Unwavering Initiate, Violent Impact,
Vizier of Tumbling Sands, Warfire Javelineer, Wasteland Scorpion,
Wayward Servant, Winds of Rebuke, Winged Shepherd, Zenith Seeker
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Re: Magarena 1.84

Postby Lodici » 30 Apr 2017, 21:52

Just to confirm - a left double-click on an empty area of the battlefield is equivalent to clicking the action button and a right double-click replicates a shift-click. More info regarding mouse and keyboard shortcuts can be found in the Keyboard Shortcuts wiki page.
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