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Magarena 1.85

PostPosted: 28 May 2017, 13:35
by melvin
We have improved the rendering of permanents on the field making the
application a lot smoother when there are many permanents on battlefield. The
vertical zone menu located in the hand area has been removed in favor of the
zone buttons on the playar avatar menu. In addition, seven bugs were fixed and
three new cards added.

Click here to download for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

includes contributions from:

- new command-line parameters, see ... -arguments

- changed/added the following to the user interface:
* show and switch player zones using keys, 1 or Z (hand), 2 or X (graveyard) and 3 or C (exile)
* optimized battlefield graphics for smoother animation (see also --fps command line parameter)
* highlight player zone button if it contains a valid choice (issue #239)
* right click dial option button to turn anti-clockwise
* new M-circle icon for menu/options button
* show alternative card-flow screen by clicking on card image in screens showing tiled card images
* enables the library zone button but only in dev and test modes
* remove the vertical zone button bar from battlefield
* restores display of cards choice when mouse enters the user prompt (issue #559)
* shows opponent hand cards face down unless devmode or test game (issue #217)
* show thumbnail image of triggering card in user prompt as visual cue
* display the popup image for the card associated with a user prompt above cards in player zone
* display random avatar image if missing, useful in test and AI vs AI games
* displays the deck name and type in the Library zone icon tooltip
* add work-in-progress menu accessible from devmode menu
* change border color of devmode menu as a visual indicator
* add setting to switch between stacked and unstacked layouts in mulligan and sample hand screens (issue #1115)

- fixed the following bugs:
* cards table style not saved when set in duel decks screen (issue #1110)
* sample hand button in duel decks screen shows wrong cards (issue #1122)
* cards choice not cleared on undo (issue #1129)
* AI creature with attacks this turn if able did not attack (issue #1135)
* Champion of Lambholt did not prevent blocking (issue #1121)
* Swell of Growth did not allow player to put a land (issue #1116)
* Mechanized Production groovy throws NoSuchElementException (issue #1114)

- added the following cards:
Entrapment Maneuver, Frenzied Fugue, Silburlind Snapper