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Magarena 1.87

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Magarena 1.87

Postby melvin » 31 Jul 2017, 12:29

Spanish joins the list of supported UI translations in this release. The deck
editor now accepts deck files in additional formats, such as the Forge deck
format. Decks containing unsupported cards can be used but the unsupported
cards will not be in your library.

It is possible to activate an ability but get stuck when paying the costs.
Previously, if the cost requires a certain permanent and it was not available,
the cost was ignored. This has been fixed and in the same situation, the
player will have to undo.

In addition, this release includes 157 new cards, many from the recent Hours of
Devastation set. We have also fixed 15 bugs.

Click here to download for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

includes contributions from:

- added Spanish translation, updated Russian translation

- added Hour of Devastation to sets

- activated ability must have costs fully paid, if that is not possible the
player has to undo and try again

- support importing other deck formats into deck editor
* deck format
* old forge format
* new forge format
* forge duel decks format

- support dragging and dropping a deck file onto the deck editor

- allow unsupported cards in decks, they will be shown in greyscale

- changed/added the following to the user interface:
* show cards loading screen for screens that uses card information
* copy card name on ctrl-c or command-c from selected row in explorer, deck editor, etc.

- added the following to the card script:
* condition: You control a Desert or there is a Desert card in your graveyard
* cost: Exert SN
* effect: Exile all cards from <player>'s graveyard.
* effect: Tap <permanent>. It doesn't untap during its controller's untap step for as long as SN remains tapped.
* effect: Gain control of <permanents> for as long as you control SN.
* effect: Gain control of <permanents> for as long as you control SN and SN remains tapped.
* effect: Gain control of <permanents> for as long as SN remains on the battlefield.
* effect: Cast <card> without paying its mana cost.
* effect: <permanents> becomes the color of your choice until end of turn.
* ability: Afflict <n>
* ability: <spells> cost <cost> more to cast
* ability: <spell> you cast cost <cost> more to cast
* ability: You may have SN enter the battlefield as a copy of any <target>.
* ability: SN enters the battlefield with <amount> <counter type> counters on it if <condition>.
* ability: You may exert SN as it attacks. When you do, <effect>
* ability: You may exert SN as it attacks.
* ability: Whenever you exert a creature, <effect>.

- fixed the following bugs:
* crash when AI unable to pay mana cost (issue #226)
* crash in MCTS due to skipping of phases (issue #815)
* crash on first launch of Card Explorer (issue #1169)
* crash on clicking deck stats tab (issue #1217)
* avatar selection page displays "Close" instead of "Avatar" (issue #1155)
* throbber freeze on loading missing cards when opening card explorer
* card explorer table style settings not imported to new version
* choice card popup hangs around (issue #1188)
* incorrect translations sort order (issue #1211)
* 'P' referring to [P]layed and [P]ower cannot be translated in some languages (issue #1209)
* "does not untap during your next untap step" only last until permanent's next untap step (issue #1106)
* Stolen Identity missing Cipher
* Breathstealer's Crypt asked its controller to pay life (issue #1170)
* Bonfire of the Damned deals 0 damage when cast as a Miracle (issue #1218)
* Brink of Disaster destroys itself instead of enchanted permanent (issue #1159)

- added the following cards:
Abrade, Accursed Horde, Adorned Pouncer, Aerial Guide, Aether Snap,
Aetherwind Basker, Agent of Erebos, Ahn-Crop Champion, Ahn-Crop Crasher,
Angel of Condemnation, Angel of the God-Pharaoh, Apocalypse Demon,
Aven of Enduring Hope, Aven Reedstalker, Battlefield Scavenger,
Beneath the Sands, Bitterblade Warrior, Bitterbow Sharpshooters,
Bloodwater Entity, Blur of Blades, Brambleweft Behemoth,
Burning-Fist Minotaur, Carrion Screecher, Carrion Thrash,
Champion of Rhonas, Chaos Maw, Countervailing Winds, Crash Through,
Crook of Condemnation, Cunning Survivor, Dagger of the Worthy,
Dauntless Aven, Defiant Khenra, Desert of the Fervent,
Desert of the Glorified, Desert of the Indomitable, Desert of the Mindful,
Desert of the True, Desert's Hold, Destructive Force, Devoted Crop-Mate,
Devotee of Strength, Disposal Mummy, Dreamspoiler Witches, Dune Diviner,
Dunes of the Dead, Dutiful Servants, Eater of the Dead, Endless Sands,
Eternal of Harsh Truths, Feral Prowler, Fervent Paincaster,
Firebrand Archer, Frilled Sandwalla, Frontline Devastator, Gamble,
Gideon, Martial Paragon, Gift of Strength, Gilded Cerodon,
Glen Elendra Pranksters, Glory-Bound Initiate, Glorybringer,
God-Pharaoh's Faithful, Greenwheel Liberator, Grisly Survivor,
Gruesome Encore, Gust Walker, Harrier Naga, Hashep Oasis, Hazoret's Favor,
Hooded Brawler, Hostile Desert, Hour of Revelation, Ifnir Deadlands,
Inferno Jet, Ipnu Rivulet, Khenra Eternal, Lady Sun, Lethal Sting,
Lifecraft Cavalry, Lifecrafter's Gift, Liliana, Death Wielder,
Luminate Primordial, Lurching Rotbeast, Magmaroth, Manticore Eternal,
Marauding Boneslasher, Merciless Eternal, Misstep, Moaning Wall,
Molten Primordial, Mummy Paramount, Nahiri, the Harbinger,
Narnam Renegade, Nef-Crop Entangler, Night Market Aeronaut,
Nimble Obstructionist, Oketra's Avenger, Ominous Sphinx, Open Fire,
Oracle of Bones, Overcome, Perilous Predicament, Pride Sovereign,
Proven Combatant, Psychic Transfer, Puncturing Blow, Quarry Beetle,
Rampaging Hippo, Ramunap Hydra, Ramunap Ruins, Razaketh's Rite,
Razaketh, the Foulblooded, Resilient Khenra, Resolute Survivors,
Return of the Nightstalkers, Rhet-Crop Spearmaster, Rhonas's Stalwart,
Riddleform, Ruin Rat, Sand Strangler, Sandwurm Convergence,
Scavenger Grounds, Scourge of Nel Toth, Scrapheap Scrounger,
Scrounger of Souls, Seer of the Last Tomorrow, Sepulchral Primordial,
Sewers of Estark, Shefet Dunes, Sidewinder Naga, Solitary Camel,
Spellweaver Eternal, Steadfast Sentinel, Steward of Solidarity,
Striped Riverwinder, Structural Collapse, Sunset Pyramid, Supreme Will,
Tah-Crop Elite, Thalakos Dreamsower, Thorned Moloch, Torrential Gearhulk,
Trueheart Twins, Unquenchable Thirst, Unraveling Mummy, Veilstone Amulet,
Vizier of the True, Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs, War-Name Aspirant,
Watchful Naga, Wildfire Eternal, Wild Research, Willbreaker,
Without Weakness, Wretched Camel, Zealot of the God-Pharaoh
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Re: Magarena 1.87

Postby kannikkiy » 01 Aug 2017, 20:56

Thanks a lot for a new release of Magarena! Please find updated Russian translation in attachment.
Russian translation file
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