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Magarena 1.89

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Magarena 1.89

Postby melvin » 30 Sep 2017, 14:29

During the last release, a change in the way served images
revealed a bug in the way we deal with corrupted image downloads. We have since
patched the 1.88 release to fix this issue.

In line with the recent rules update, the Planeswalker Uniqueness rule is
removed and the Legendary supertype added to existing planeswalkers.

In addition, this release includes 10 bug fixes and 175 new cards.

Click here to download for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

includes contributions from:

- add Iconic Masters and Ixalan to sets

- remove Planeswalker Uniqueness rule, add Legendary to planeswalkers

- added the following to the card script:
* effect: SN explores.
* ability: Whenever <permanent> explores, <effect>, closes #1276

- fixed the following bugs:
* crash in MCTS AI when using Brainstorm (issue #1311)
* crash when card image is unreadable (issue #1318)
* crash when Java's version string is not in expected format (issue #1338)
* crash when using ESC to close "Setup Card Images" dialog while cards are loading (issue #1340)
* log message for cascade shows too many cards
* exert trigger on your permanents fires when opponent exerts (issue #1339)
* creature with power less than or equal to SN's power did not those that are equal
* 9/9 blue Kraken creature token is named Whale (issue #1303)
* 4/4 red and green Giant Warrior creature token missing haste ability (issue #1287)
* The Wretched did not gain control of the creatures blocking it (issue #1284)

- added the following cards:
Adanto Vanguard, Ancient Brontodon, Anointed Deacon, Atzocan Archer,
Bellowing Aegisaur, Bishop of Rebirth, Bishop of the Bloodstained,
Bishop's Soldier, Blight Keeper, Blinding Fog, Blossom Dryad,
Brazen Buccaneers, Bright Reprisal, Callous Giant, Call to the Feast,
Captain Lannery Storm, Captivating Crew, Carnage Tyrant,
Castaway's Despair, Charging Monstrosaur, Colossal Dreadmaw,
Contract Killing, Costly Plunder, Crash the Ramparts, Crushing Canopy,
Cytoplast Root-Kin, Daring Saboteur, Dark Nourishment, Deadeye Plunderers,
Deadeye Tormentor, Deathless Ancient, Deeproot Champion, Deeproot Warrior,
Deeproot Waters, Defiant Vanguard, Depths of Desire, Desperate Castaways,
Dinosaur Stampede, Dire Fleet Captain, Dire Fleet Hoarder, Dive Down,
Djeru, With Eyes Open, Drover of the Mighty, Duskborne Skymarcher,
Dusk Legion Dreadnought, Elaborate Firecannon, Emissary of Sunrise,
Emperor's Vanguard, Encampment Keeper, Fathom Fleet Firebrand,
Feed the Clan, Fell Flagship, Fiery Cannonade, Forgestoker Dragon,
Frenzied Raptor, Garruk, Apex Predator, Gilded Sentinel,
Glorifier of Dusk, Goring Ceratops, Grazing Whiptail, Grisly Anglerfish,
Grizzled Angler, Headwater Sentries, Heartless Pillage,
Hierophant's Chalice, Hour of Promise, Huatli's Snubhorn,
Imperial Aerosaur, Imperial Lancer, Inspiring Cleric, Ixalli's Diviner,
Ixalli's Keeper, Jace's Sentinel, Jade Guardian, Jungle Delver,
Kinjalli's Caller, Kinjalli's Sunwing, Legion's Judgment,
Life Goes On, Lightning-Rig Crew, Lookout's Dispersal,
Looming Altisaur, Lurking Chupacabra, Makeshift Munitions,
Marauding Looter, Merfolk Branchwalker, Navigator's Ruin, Nest Robber,
One With the Wind, Otepec Huntmaster, Overflowing Insight,
Paladin of the Bloodstained, Pious Interdiction, Pirate's Cutlass,
Pirate's Prize, Predator's Howl, Prosperous Pirates, Prying Blade,
Pterodon Knight, Queen's Agent, Queen's Bay Soldier, Queen's Commission,
Raging Swordtooth, Raiders' Wake, Rallying Roar, Ranging Raptors,
Raptor Companion, Raptor Hatchling, Ravenous Daggertooth, Regisaur Alpha,
Repeating Barrage, Revel in Riches, Rigging Runner, Rile, Ripjaw Raptor,
Ritual of Rejuvenation, River Sneak, River's Rebuke, Run Aground,
Ruthless Knave, Sailor of Means, Sanctum Seeker, Seekers' Squire,
Sentinel Totem, Shadowed Caravel, Shaper Apprentice, Shapers of Nature,
Shapers' Sanctuary, Sheltering Light, Shield of the Avatar,
Shining Aerosaur, Shipwreck Looter, Shore Keeper, Siren Lookout,
Skittering Heartstopper, Skyblade of the Legion, Skymarch Bloodletter,
Slash of Talons, Sleek Schooner, Snapping Sailback, Spires of Orazca,
Spreading Rot, Star of Extinction, Start Your Engines, Steadfast Armasaur,
Storm Fleet Aerialist, Storm Fleet Arsonist, Storm Fleet Pyromancer,
Storm Fleet Spy, Storm Sculptor, Sun-Crowned Hunters, Sunrise Seeker,
Swashbuckling, Tempest Caller, Territorial Hammerskull, Thaumatic Compass,
Thrash of Raptors, Thundering Spineback, Tilonalli's Knight,
Tishana's Wayfinder, Unfriendly Fire, Vanquish the Weak, Verdant Rebirth,
Vicious Conquistador, Vona, Butcher of Magan, Vraska's Contempt,
Wakening Sun's Avatar, Waker of the Wilds, Walk the Plank,
Wanted Scoundrels, Watertrap Weaver, Wildgrowth Walker, Wily Goblin,
Wind Strider, Wine of Blood and Iron
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Re: Magarena 1.89

Postby ShawnieBoy » 03 Oct 2017, 11:46

The images for C17 have been corrected - unfortunately just after our 1.89 release.
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