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PostPosted: 22 Jan 2011, 20:17
by 7sigma
I bought Decked Builder both for iPhone and Mac, and while I found it to be quite useful and a worthy purchase, there's a number of quibbles I'd like to see corrected, and features I'd love to see added in future versions:

Both versions:
- The Search function needs more advanced functions, and the 400 card limit should be removed, especially on the Mac version where processing power is not an issue. I find myself using iGather on the iPhone or the Gatherer website on my Mac instead of Decked's built-in search.
- Deck import and sync between the two apps and other popular deck builders.
- More HD cards. They just look so darn pretty.

- Double-clicking a card on the Search window should automatically add it to your deck. As an optional switch, it could add four copies instead.
- Keyboard shortcuts for common search filters, adding a card to deck, adding four copies, and adding cards to the sideboard.
- Is it possible to get this app into a single window? This layout feels weird.

- When viewing your deck and swiping the card's images, the app stops after each card type - creatures, for example - and you have to get back to the other view to change to another card type. That's annoying.

All in all, great app, I hope it keeps getting better.