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Test build updated till January 12/2020

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Test build updated till January 12/2020

Postby Aswan jaguar » 13 Jan 2020, 13:32

This a test build, not a regular update and suffers from more issues than an update.
To anyone that wants to help playing, testing, debugging latest Manlink.3.0 changes this is a test Manalink3.0 build not a regular update. It is updated till Blizzard Specter in commit 0362fcdf.

We need help to fix as many bugs as possible and with more people playing, testing and reporting the bugs the faster will get there.

People that contributed to make this possible are our two devs gargaroz and Korath, drool66, and all moderators and bughunters that were active since last update and/or that awful, disastrous day....
People to blame for this test build just me. ;)

- BEWARE THAT THIS VERSION HAS MORE BUGS THAN USUAL updates had (this test build may not be compatible with those that have fate reforge update although couple of people said they had no issues)it is compatible. The main reason it has more bugs it is that a lot, lot of cards were rewritten to use new and better functions but were not tested and so suffer from bugs.

- I am not able to pack all the necessary files for you (or me)so that you can have art and beckbuilder new features be fully updated till now with all the artwork (that have been made since September 2017).
You will have an annoying bug that I have too, about a cardartfile every time you begin your first duel and few more seconds to start the game because I wasn't able to figure out how to compile cardartlib.dll because it needs a library that I haven't find a way how to insert to be recognized by the compiler. It doesn't affect gameplay, though.

- People that were stuck with my fate reforged full installation can now have also the removed updates + new changes.
- This build like EMNV2 deals better with windows 10 issues.
- Everyone can use cards never available before in manalink3.0 mainly from Commander 2016 and Kaladesh and few others from older sets.
- Fixes of bugs that emnv2 and fate reforge suffered from.
- New Deck builder buttons.
- Snow lands for some that loved that era.

1- In order not to destroy your emnv2 version in case something goes wrong and be still able to use emnv2 version make a copy of your magic directory paste it in another directory.
2- If you think you might ever have any interest at all in compiling this yourself, delete your existing src/ directory.
3- and then apply this patch over in the usual way overwriting everything when asked.
Link: ... 0.rar/file
Any installation bugs have to be reported here as usual but all other bugs in the bug forum.

The card artwork corner by drool66:
Incremental update (over EMNv2 - overwrite existing files): ...
Cumulative Update: ...

Help and enjoy this, and please don't forget to post the bugs you find in the bug reports forum.
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Reason: add links for card art by drool66
Trying to squash some bugs and playtesting.
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Re: Test build updated till January 12/2020

Postby gnomefry » 22 Jan 2020, 18:32

What wonderful news!

Catching up on forum posts I can't help but notice your enduring effort, helpfulness and dedication to this project. Going back years and years. Thank you, Aswan Jaguar.
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Re: Test build updated till January 12/2020

Postby Sariah of the Dimir » 28 Jan 2020, 20:53

Thank you so much for making this available!
I truly appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that has gone into updating this game over the years.
I'll definitely check this update out.
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