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Manalink july 2013: Odyssey, then Invasion of new features !

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Manalink july 2013: Odyssey, then Invasion of new features !

Postby Gargaroz » 13 Jul 2013, 13:52

Well, I've amazing news for this update, Manalink friends ! With Korath, our new code-master, aboard finally we were able to expand the engine a bit, so there are new exciting features inserted :
+ new icons for non-standard abilities, like Lifelink and so on.
In your Cardart folder you could find 2 new icons series, the main one called simply "Abilities.bmp", and an alternative set did by Sonic called "Abilities-sonic.bmp". The program will search for "Abilities.bmp", so rename the files accordingly to test both. And maybe backup your original "Abilities.bmp" beforre applying the patch.
+ the possibility of "countering activated abilities" (still nothing on triggered, too bad).
+ an expanded targeting function, that we're experimenting from.
+ the possibility of animating any kind of lands. This too is still under testing.
Plus, the usual crew of new cards, this time the best from Invasion + Odissey block, plus some goodies like :
- Ayesha Tanaka
- Bind
- Interdict
- Not of This World (countering triggered abilities doesn't work, sorry)
- Squelch
- Teferi's Response (countering triggered abilities doesn't work, sorry)
- Voidslime (countering triggered abilities doesn't work, sorry)

- Hydroform
- Jolrael, Empress of Beasts
- Life // Death
- Living Plane
- Natural Affinity
- Nature's Revolt
- Rude Awakening

As usual, many thanks to everyone that contributes to this update, like Sonic, for the data entry and artwork management, Korarth, 'nuff said, Stassy for the AI values, all Bug Huntersm and everyone I may have forgotten.

Link - V2 (includes the amazing new "drawcardlib" from Korath ! Expansion symbols, finally !) :

Now, it's Sonic corner !

CardArtManalink_July2013 –
Includes alternative artwork for:
Arcbound Ravager
Bridge from Below
Serra Avatar
Sliver (Token)
Trygon Predator

Please Note: This card art update only contains the card artwork for the July 2013 Manalink 3.0 patch.
If you are downloading Manalink 3.0 for the first time, or your currently installed CardArtManalink folder is older than the March 2012 release, please download and install the files in the following archives:

‘’ (March 2012 release - Main Folder / Artwork) –

‘’ (Compiled 2012 CardArt Updates) –

‘CardArtManalink_Jan2013’ (Jan 2013 release) –

‘CardArtManalink_March2013’ (March 2013 release) –

‘CardArtManalink_May2013’ (May 2013 release) –

‘CardArtManalink_June2013’ (June 2013 release) –

Delete your currently installed folder, and replace it with the ‘CardArtManalink’ folder in the ‘2012CardArtManalink’ archive. Then copy the artwork from the 2012CardArtUpdates, January, March, May, June and July archives into the newly installed CardArtManalink folder.

Updated number of image files in the CardArtManalink folder: 10677 (March 2012 release) –
If your current CardArtShandalar folder is older than the March 2012 release, please delete it before installing the one in the link above.
The folder for the March release contains images with corrected file names, copying the new files into an old CardArtShandalar folder will not overwrite the incorrectly named files.

Number of images image files in the CardArtShandalar folder: 1259

--- BUGS FIXED ---
- V2 -
* Fixed abilities / bad values in "ct_all" for Gemstone Array, Sungrass Prairie, Sungrass Egg.
* Fixed code for Master of Cruelties.
* Fixed code for Dragonshift.
* Fixed interaction between Goblin Electromancer and cards with "overload".
* Fixed code for Turn // Burn.
* Fixed code for Ral Zarek "ultimate" ability.
* Fixed code for Sanity Grinding.
* Fixed interaction between Ward of Bones and hybrid cards.
* Fixed suspend cost for Benalish Commander.
* Fixed suspend cost & ability for Roiling Horror.
* Fixed code for Clockwork Hydra.
* Fixed "turn into artifact" ability for Memnarch, Liquimetal Coating and Phyrexian Metamorph.
* Fixed code for Phyrexian Tyranny.
* Fixed code for Nature's Revolt and Living Plane.
* Fixed code for Guardian Idol.
* Fixed code for Reversal of Fortune.
* Fixed code for Conjurer's Bauble.
* Fixed code for the checking of Legend Rule.
* Fixed code for Serum Visions.
* Fixed AI code for Wickerbough Elder.
* Fixed code for Truefire Paladin.
* Fixed code for Blinkmoth Nexus.
* Fixed "no can win the game" ability for Abyssal Persecutor.
* Fixed code for Possessed Portal.
* Fixed code for Ion Storm.
* Fixed code for Ral Zarek.
* Fixed code for Smoldering Spires.
* Fixed a global bug for cards with "rebound".
* Fixed a kicker bug for all Volvers from Apocalypse and battlemages from Planeshift.
* Fixed code for Jilt.
* Fixed code for Healing Salve.
* Fixed code for Guardian Idol.
* Fixed code for Early Frost.
* Fixed code for Plunge into Darkness.
* Fixed tokens for Wurmcoil Engine.
* Fixed code for all the creatures with "untap" in the activation cost.
* Fixed code for Farseek.
* Fixed code for Neurok Stealthsuit.
* Fixed code for Lightmine Field.
* Fixed code for Auriok Windwalker.
* Fixed code for Tel-Jihad Justice.
* Fixed code for Dead // Gone
* Fixed code for Fury Charm.
* Fixed code for Lifeline.
* New, better code for "animating land" and "animating artifacts".
* Fixed a global bug about cards with Flashback, Retrace and so on.

- V1-
* Fixed abilities / bad values in "ct_all" for Nivix Cyclops, Ogre Jailbreaker, Court Homunculus, Jund Hackblade, Breaking // Entering, Winged Coatl, Harm's Way, Mask of Riddles, Call of the Skybreaker, Chalice of the Void, Blinkmoth Nexus animated, Scarecrow, Raid Bombardment, Choking Fumes, Reveille Squad,
* Fixed bad data in "manalink" for Bonfire of the Damned, Entreat the Angels, Gridlock, Increasing Confusion, Immortal Servitude, Chalice of the Void,
* Fixed code pointer for Spike Jester, Walking Atlas,
* Fixed wrong ID forlegacy card of Drooling Groodion, Field Surgeon, Necropotence, Sneak Attack, Elvish Herder, Dragon Mask, Scarecrow, Spore Cloud,
* Fixed ability selection menu for Jaya Ballard, Task Mage, Windreaver,
* Fixed code for Mirror-Sigil Sergeant.
* Fixed interaction between Paradox Haze and Followed Footsteps.
* Fixed interaction between creature / tokens with variable P/T and Trostani, Selesnya's Voice, Archon of Redemption,
* Fixed code for Dragonsoul Knight and Paragon of the Amesha.
* Fixed code for Lich Lord of Unx.
* Fixed code for Silent-Blade Oni.
* Fixed code for Varolz, the Scar-Striped.
* Fixed token for Voice of Resurgence.
* Fixed unearth cost for Fire-Field Ogre and Shambling Remains.
* Fixed code for Tar Fiend.
* Fixed code for Exuberant Firestoker.
* Fixed code for Keeper of Progenitus.
* Fixed code for Turn // Burn.
* Fixed interaction between global cards that "humiliate" a creature and special abilities like Lifelink, Metalcraft,
* Fixed code for Telemin Performance.
* New code for Farseek.
* Fixed code for Scourglass.
* Fixed code for Overgrown Battlement.
* Fixed code for Where Ancients Tread.
* Fixed "cascade" for Enigma Sphinx.
* Fixed code for Apocalypse Hydra.
* Fixed code for Ajani Vengeant's first ability.
* Fixed code for Consuming Aberration.
* Fixed code for Grixis Slavedriver.
* Fixed interaction between Eon Hub and a lot of cards.
* Fixed code for Spawnsire of Ulamog.
* Fixed code for Lightmine Field.
* Fixed interaction between Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and the new Legend Rule.
* Added code for Bird Soldier token.
* Fixed "miracle" for Bonfire of the Damned.
* Fixed code for Quirion Ranger.
* Fixed code for Fist of Suns.
* Fixed code for all Dragon's Maze Cluestones.
* Fixed code for Grim Monolith and Basalt Monolith.
* New code for Desert.
* Fixed interaction between special mana from Mishra Workshop and Chalice of the Void, Chimeric Mass, Orochi Hatchery, Sigil of Distinction
* Fixed interactione between Daybreak Coronet and other Enchant Creature auras .
* Fixed code for Marble Titan.
* Fixed special casting cost for Cour Hussar, all the similar cards of Dissension, Tin Street Hooligan and Shrieking Grotesque.
* Fixed code for Helium Squirter
* Fixed a global bug for the "graft" mechanic.
* Fixed code for Surestrike Trident.
* Fixed code for Lighthouse Chronologist.
* Fixed code for Mirror of Fate.
* Fixed code for Pilfered Plans.
* Fixed code for Legion's Initiative.
* Fixed code for Elvish Hunter.
* Fixed code for Redeem.
* Fixed code for Maze's End.
* Fixed code for Horror of Horrors.
* Fixed code for Freewind Equenaut.
* Fixed code for Mercy Killing.
* Fixed code for Chronomantic Escape.
* Removed debug code from Power Matrix and some more cards.
* Fixed code for Greater Auramancy.
* Fixed code for Sterling Grove.
* Fixed AI code for Congregate.
* Fixed code for Chronotog Totem.
* Fixed code for Inexorable Tide and Maelstrom's Nexus.
* Fixed code for Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger.
* Fixed code for Sneak Attack.
* Fixed code for Viridian Shaman, Uktabi Orangutan (that shares the same code) and Harmonic Sliver.
* Fixed code for Scorned Villager.
* Fixed code for Body Snatcher.
* Fixed code for Suture Spirit.
* Fixed a global bug for all "hatchlings" from Eventide.
* Fixed code for "Embrace My Diabolical Vision" scheme.
* Fixed graveyard ability for Pyrewild Shaman.
* Fixed code for many discard effects if they targets a played with no cards in hand.
* Fixed code for Helix Pinnacle.
* Fixed AI code for Field Surgeon.
* Fixed code for Reflecting Pool and Sylvok Explorer
* Fixed code for Bazaar Trader.
* Fixed code for Unscythe, Killer of Kings.
* Fixed code for Mortician Beetle.
* Fixed code for Thada Adel, Acquisitor.
* Fixed code for Capricious Efreet.
* Fixed code for Esper Charm.
* Fixed code for all "Vivid" lands.
* Fixed code for Tuktuk the Explorer.
* Fixed code for Grinning Ignus.
* Fixed code for Reap and Sow.
* Fixed code for cards with "rebound".
* Fixed code for Plasm Capture.
* Fixed code for Field Marshal.
* Fixed code for Scarecrone.
* Fixed code for Endless Horizons.
* Fixed code for Tradewind Rider, Briarpack Alpha and Soraya the Falconer.
* Fixed code for Judge's Familiar.
* Fixed code for Repercussion.
* Fixed code for Fiery Bombardment.
* Fixed code for Unwilling Recruit.
* Fixed code for Quash.
* Fixed code for Idle Thoughts.
* Fixed code for Death Baron.
* Fixed code for Death Denied.
* Fixed code for Szadek, Lord of Secrets.
* Fixed code for Saproling Burst's tokens.
* Fixed code for Duskmantle Guildmage first ability.
* Fixed code for Vesuva.
* Fixed code for Blinkmoth Nexus.
* Fixed code for Skirge Familiar.
* Fixed code for Lord of the Undead.
* Fixed code for Zhur-taa Druid.
* Fixed code for Cackling Counterpart.
* Fixed code for Override.
* Fixed code for Sonic Burst.
* Fixed AI code for Gifts Ungiven.
* Fixed interaction between Trinisphere and other CMC modifier.
* Fixed land animation code for Liege of the Tangle.
* Fixed code for Dragon's Mask.
* Fixed cumulative upkeep's counters for Elephant Grass.
* Fixed code for Explosive Revelation.
* Fixed target text for Unbender Tine.
* Fixed code for Ana Battlemage.
* Fixed abilities for Skarrg Guildmage.
* Fixed code for Evolution Charm.
* Fixed code for Wild Might.
* Fixed code for Snag.
* Fixed code for Well of Life and Well of Discovery.
* Fixed code for Karn, Silver Golem.
* Fixed code for Memory Jar.
* New code for Kobold Taskmaster.
* Fixed code for Wonder's graveyard ability.
* Fixed code for Bone Saw.
* Fixed code for Mammoth Umbra.
* Fixed a global bug about cards that add / force a subtype.
* Fixed code for Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth.
* Fixed code for Tolaria West.
* Fixed code for Powder Keg.
* Fixed code for Dawn Charm.
* Fixed interaction between Snapcaster Mage and spells with "X" in the casting cost.
* Fixed code for Fireblast.
* Fixed interaction between trampling damage and Planeswalkers.
* Fixed code for Foil.
* Fixed code for Porphyry Nodes and Drop of Honey.
* Fixed code for "indestructible" ability.
* Fixed code for "totem armor" cards.
* Fixed code for Farsight Mask.
* Fixed code for Snakeform.
* Fixed code for Mirror Sheen.
* Fixed code for Dream Thief.
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- Current / medium term task: adjusting the code for making Misdirection and such usable
- Long term task: inserting all the good stuff I left out from the "Golden Years" mod
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odissey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby decker » 13 Jul 2013, 20:49

It's unbelievable the amount of work you put into this project for the community !

A thousand thanks
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odissey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby Korath » 14 Jul 2013, 13:30

Odyssey doesn't have an I in it. (Just saying.)
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odissey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby MaraxusOfFishes » 14 Jul 2013, 14:35

Thanks guys.
amazing job!
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odissey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby Emphyrio » 14 Jul 2013, 18:57

Big thanks!! (for the last 3 updates, they keep coming :P).
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odissey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby HypnoticSpectre » 15 Jul 2013, 08:48

Hey everyone, new to this forum. This has probably been asked a thousand times before BUT is someone able to just sequentially list the things i need to download from start to finish in order to have shandalar with as many cards in it as possible?

I have been playing the ORIGINAL Shandalar with the missing legends cards etc and killing arzakon (400 life) with my black contract/knights deck and also red shivan/gauntlet deck a few times and only just saw that theres a new patch/game with all the new sets available!!!

all the necessary downloads and information was confusing and if someone just took a few minutes to help me by listing WHAT i need to download and HOW to install them etc it would be such a help. Thank you in advance :)
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odissey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby gmzombie » 15 Jul 2013, 11:22

none of the updates affect shandalar. only single game duels and gauntlets
can I maze of ith your snowstorm? old stuff in here. don't use this stuff right now till I get time to get back into it and readjust.
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odissey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby stassy » 15 Jul 2013, 14:00

New coded cards list from the card art files

| Open
Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor
Acorn Harvest
Aegis of Honor
Ambassador Laquatus
Ana Disciple
Ana Sanctuary
Ancestral Tribute
Angelic Shield
Animal Boneyard
Anurid Brushhopper
Anurid Scavenger
Arcane Teachings
Arctic Merfolk
Artifact Mutation
Atalya, Samite Master
Aura Mutation
Aura Shards
Aven Shrine
Ayesha Tanaka
Balshan Collaborator
Balthor the Defiled
Balthor the Stout
Barrin's Spite
Bash to Bits
Battle Screech
Battle Strain
Battlefield Forge
Battlefield Scrounger
Beast Attack
Beloved Chaplain
Benalish Heralds
Benevolent Bodyguard
Bloodfire Colossus
Bloodfire Dwarf
Bloodfire Kavu
Bloodstone Cameo
Blurred Mongoose
Bomb Squad
Book Burning
Braids, Cabal Minion
Breaking Point
Breath of Darigaaz
Cabal Patriarch
Cabal Pit
Cabal Shrine
Canopy Surge
Captain's Maneuver
Carrion Rats
Carrion Wurm
Catalyst Stone
Cauldron Dance
Caustic Tar
Cavern Harpy
Caves of Koilos
Centaur Garden
Cephalid Broker
Cephalid Constable
Cephalid Inkshrouder
Cephalid Looter
Cephalid Retainer
Cephalid Sage
Cephalid Shrine
Cephalid Vandal
Ceta Disciple
Ceta Sanctuary
Chainer, Dementia Master
Chamber of Manipulation
Chance Encounter
Chaotic Strike
Charmed Pendant
Chatter of the Squirrel
Childhood Horror
Cinder Shade
Cleansing Meditation
Coffin Purge
Collapsing Borders
Commander Eesha
Consume Strength
Crippling Fatigue
Crosis's Catacombs
Crosis's Charm
Crush of Wurms
Crypt Angel
Crystal Quarry
Cultural Exchange
Darigaaz's Caldera
Darigaaz's Charm
Dark Suspicions
Darkwater Catacombs
Darkwater Egg
Dawn of the Dead
Death or Glory
Death Wish
Dedicated Martyr
Deep Analysis
Dega Disciple
Dega Sanctuary
Delaying Shield
Desolation Giant
Desperate Research
Destructive Flow
Devouring Strossus
Diligent Farmhand
Dirty Wererat
Dismantling Blow
Divine Light
Divine Sacrament
Doomsday Specter
Drake-Skull Cameo
Dralnu's Crusade
Dralnu's Pet
Dromar's Cavern
Dromar's Charm
Druid Lyrist
Dwarven Bloodboiler
Dwarven Driller
Dwarven Grunt
Dwarven Recruiter
Dwarven Shrine
Dwell on the Past
Earnest Fellowship
Earth Rift
Ebony Treefolk
Elephant Ambush
Elephant Guide
Elfhame Sanctuary
Engulfing Flames
Enlistment Officer
Ertai, the Corrupted
Escape Artist
Evasive Action
False Memories
Far Wanderings
Fervent Charge
Fiery Temper
Flame Burst
Flaming Gambit
Flash of Insight
Fleetfoot Panther
Flowstone Charger
Forcemage Advocate
Frantic Purification
Fungal Shambler
Gerrard Capashen
Gerrard's Command
Ghastly Demise
Ghitu Fire
Global Ruin
Goblin Legionnaire
Goblin Trenches
Grave Defiler
Grizzly Fate
Guided Passage
Hallowed Healer
Hanna, Ship's Navigator
Hapless Researcher
Harsh Judgment
Hell-Bent Raider
Holistic Wisdom
Horned Kavu
Hull Breach
Hunting Grounds
Hunting Kavu
Infected Vermin
Insidious Dreams
Ivy Elemental
Jade Leech
Jolrael, Empress of Beasts
Juntu Stakes
Kamahl's Desire
Kamahl, Pit Fighter
Kavu Chameleon
Kavu Howler
Kavu Lair
Kavu Mauler
Kavu Monarch
Kavu Titan
Keep Watch
Keldon Necropolis
Kirtar's Desire
Kirtar's Wrath
Krosan Avenger
Krosan Beast
Krosan Reclamation
Krosan Restorer
Krosan Verge
Laquatus's Champion
Laquatus's Creativity
Lashknife Barrier
Last Laugh
Last Rites
Lava Dart
Lava Zombie
Legacy Weapon
Lieutenant Kirtar
Life Burst
Llanowar Wastes
Lowland Basilisk
Magma Vein
Malevolent Awakening
Malicious Advice
Marsh Crocodile
Master Apothecary
Mesmeric Fiend
Metathran Aerostat
Meteor Storm
Mind Burst
Minotaur Explorer
Mist of Stagnation
Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer
Molten Influence
Morality Shift
Mortal Combat
Mossfire Egg
Mossfire Valley
Muscle Burst
Mystic Crusader
Mystic Familiar
Mystic Penitent
Mystic Visionary
Mystic Zealot
Nantuko Cultivator
Nantuko Elder
Nantuko Mentor
Nantuko Monastery
Nantuko Shrine
Nature's Revolt
Necra Sanctuary
Need for Speed
Nefarious Lich
Nemata, Grove Guardian
Nightscape Battlemage
Nightscape Master
Nomad Decoy
Nomad Stadium
Not of This World
Nullmage Advocate
Nut Collector
Obsessive Search
Ordered Migration
Organ Grinder
Orim's Chant
Orim's Thunder
Overeager Apprentice
Overgrown Estate
Parallel Evolution
Pardic Arsonist
Pardic Collaborator
Patrol Hound
Patron Wizard
Penumbra Bobcat
Phantom Nantuko
Phantom Nomad
Phantom Tiger
Phyrexian Altar
Phyrexian Delver
Phyrexian Gargantua
Phyrexian Infiltrator
Phyrexian Lens
Phyrexian Tyranny
Pianna, Nomad Captain
Planar Despair
Possessed Aven
Possessed Barbarian
Possessed Centaur
Possessed Nomad
Prismatic Strands
Pulsemage Advocate
Putrid Warrior
Questing Phelddagrif
Quicksilver Dagger
Quiet Speculation
Raging Kavu
Raka Sanctuary
Rancid Earth
Ray of Distortion
Reckless Assault
Repentant Vampire
Restless Dreams
Retraced Image
Reviving Vapors
Reya Dawnbringer
Rites of Initiation
Rites of Refusal
Rites of Spring
Rith's Charm
Rith's Grove
Root Greevil
Rotting Giant
Rude Awakening
Rushing River
Sacred Rites
Sadistic Hypnotist
Saproling Infestation
Saproling Symbiosis
Sawtooth Loon
Seashell Cameo
Seton's Desire
Seton, Krosan Protector
Shadowblood Egg
Shadowblood Ridge
Shambling Swarm
Shifty Doppelganger
Shivan Harvest
Shivan Reef
Shower of Coals
Sickening Dreams
Silver Drake
Silver Seraph
Skeletal Scrying
Skycloud Egg
Skycloud Expanse
Smoldering Tar
Sonic Seizure
Soulcatchers' Aerie
Spark Mage
Spirit Cairn
Spirit of Resistance
Squee's Embrace
Squee's Revenge
Squirrel Mob
Stalking Assassin
Stalking Bloodsucker
Stone-Tongue Basilisk
Stormscape Battlemage
Stormscape Master
Strength of Isolation
Strength of Lunacy
Strength of Night
Stupefying Touch
Sungrass Egg
Sungrass Prairie
Sunken Hope
Sunscape Battlemage
Sunscape Master
Sylvan Messenger
Sylvan Might
Symbiotic Deployment
Tainted Field
Tainted Isle
Tainted Pact
Tainted Peak
Tainted Wood
Tectonic Instability
Teferi's Response
Temporal Spring
Terminal Moraine
Thicket Elemental
Think Tank
Thornscape Master
Thought Devourer
Thought Eater
Thought Nibbler
Thunderscape Battlemage
Thunderscape Master
Tidal Courier
Tigereye Cameo
Tireless Tribe
Trench Wurm
Treva's Charm
Treva's Ruins
Troll-Horn Cameo
Tsabo's Decree
Tsabo's Web
Turbulent Dreams
Twilight's Call
Unifying Theory
Urborg Elf
Urborg Emissary
Urza's Filter
Urza's Guilt
Urza's Rage
Vampiric Dragon
Vengeful Dreams
Verdant Succession
Verdeloth the Ancient
Verduran Emissary
Vicious Kavu
Vigorous Charge
Vile Consumption
Violent Eruption
Volley of Boulders
Wash Out
Wayward Angel
Wild Research
Words of Wisdom
Yavimaya Coast
Yawgmoth's Agenda
Æther Mutation
Æther Rift

If I am not wrong that is a whooping 461 new cards, awesome update and a real challenge for testers since they have been dispatched into 3 test decks (and don't forget to update your playdeck folder with an updated PDA!), good luck!
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odissey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby porphyre » 15 Jul 2013, 15:00

Since we've gotten to Odyssey block, is there any chance we could get some sort of approximation of Worldgorger Dragon? I mean, even a really bad approximation, only usable as a combo card? Say, like

{T}: Untap your creatures, artifacts, and lands. (which will untap Worldgorger Dragon)
{T}: Sacrifice Worldgorger Dragon. Return target creature from your graveyard to the battlefield."
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odissey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby 0rion79 » 16 Jul 2013, 10:56

Guys, just awesome.
Also thew new icons are nice, even if they are not as bright as the older ones. By the way, are you using the old Mathusalem's Rampage icon for "fear"? lol :)

Now that we have such a new coder, I also wonder if we shall be able to improve some other game's aspects. After last Mok's job, the game doesn't use anymore the palyer's data, so it is not possible to use the Player's information for the new decks and also statistics are not saved anymore.
But those are just minor sides.
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odissey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby Gargaroz » 16 Jul 2013, 13:55

Well, Worldgorger Dragon could be coded, but the combo with Animate Dead / Dance of the Dead / Necromancy will probably doesn't work at all or crash the game. However, I'll try.
- Current / medium term task: adjusting the code for making Misdirection and such usable
- Long term task: inserting all the good stuff I left out from the "Golden Years" mod
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odissey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby Gargaroz » 16 Jul 2013, 13:56

@Korath : Oh god, bad engrish is bad uhauahuaha:)
- Current / medium term task: adjusting the code for making Misdirection and such usable
- Long term task: inserting all the good stuff I left out from the "Golden Years" mod
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odyssey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby porphyre » 16 Jul 2013, 16:58

Gargaroz wrote:Well, Worldgorger Dragon could be coded, but the combo with Animate Dead / Dance of the Dead / Necromancy will probably doesn't work at all or crash the game. However, I'll try.
Well, I agree that trying to use the real combo would explode the game. That's why I'm suggesting an approximation card instead. I know you guys have made approximations before... maybe not one as "approximate" as this one, but there is a precedent for it.

It's not like anybody is going to use the Dragon for anything EXCEPT a combo card.
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odyssey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby thedrigo » 17 Jul 2013, 03:42

You guys are unbelievable... Although I don't have much time to play anymore, it's still awesome to see how you guys keep this great game alive for us time-deprived fans. Big props to Gargaroz and all the people involved in releasing these updates. You guys ROCK!!! :D
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Re: Manalink july 2013: Odyssey, then Invasion of new featur

Postby Gilber » 18 Jul 2013, 16:14

Hi guys i am your friend from aleppo(syria)
i just want to thank you verrrrrrry much for this great site and this wonderfull update.
and special thanks to people who keep this site is running.
honestly i feel i am addicted,obssesed..... say whatever you want
and can't wait for the next update.
syria my baby don't cry because the sun will rise again
please god protect my baby and protect us [-o<
and may the peace fall upon us again.
peace to all and ramadan kareem
salam. O:)
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