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jMagic 0.8.1

by jmagicdev

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jMagic 0.8.1

Postby jmagicdev » 04 Sep 2011, 23:18

jMagic 0.8.1 is out.

The folks here at slightlymagic are providing a game finding server. In the launcher's settings dialog, specify a game finder location of "" (no quotes, final slash required).

Features in jMagic 0.8.1
* The properties and logs directory is in a new location. On Windows it will be in %APPDATA%, on *nix systems the folder is in the same place as it was before but is named '.jmagic' instead of 'jMagic'. You will need to either move your file to the new folder or reconfigure all your options.
Cygwin technobabble | Open
If you're on Windows and for some reason you run jMagic from a POSIX emulation environment like Cygwin, jMagic will use the HOME environment variable since it exists. If you then run it directly from Windows it'll use %APPDATA%. This means you'll have two jMagic configuration directories on your system.

* The Modern format is playable. We've provided some decklists from the Pro Tour this weekend (and the cards to play them, of course).
* Decklists that aren't legal in today's environment have been removed from the distribution. If you would like to keep these decklists, copy them somewhere before removing your old jMagic installation.
Summary of decklists removed | Open
* All of Block - 10E (rotation)
* All of Block - M10 (rotation)
* All of Block - ROE (rotation)
* All of Standard - ZEN (rotation)
* All of Standard - WWK (rotation)
* All of Standard - ROE (rotation)
* All of Standard - M11 (rotation)
* Most of Standard - SOM (banned cards)
* Some of Standard - MBS (banned cards)
* All of Standard - NPH prebanning except for the green-white infect deck (banned cards)
* All of Extended - ZEN (rotation)
* All of Extended - WWK (rotation)
* All of Extended - M11 (rotation)
* Legacy - the Survival deck (banned cards)

Rules updates in jMagic 0.8.1
* Implemented the rule governing changing one target of a spell with multiple targets ("the Spellskite rule")
* Putting a creature onto the battlefield attacking a player that's gone or a planeswalker that's not a planeswalker anymore causes that creature not to be attacking (i.e., responding to ninjutsu by killing the planeswalker)

Game engine bugfixes in jMagic 0.8.1
* Turn skipping works as intended rather than not working at all (e.g. Meditate)
* Cards that search for and exile cards (like Surgical Extraction) don't crash the game when you choose to find nothing
* If an object tries to leave a library at the same time as that library is shuffled, it actually leaves the library (Intuition/Progenitus interaction)
* Various dependencies-related fixes, including March of the Machines/Bludgeon Brawl, and Melira/Phyresis. Dependencies are reevaluated after each effect is applied (as per rule 613.7c).
* Search effects whose source is the game (such as when Archmage Ascension replaces your draw for the turn) don't crash the game
* Pack wars gametypes clear the sideboards from the loaded decks
* Splice doesn't crash the game
* A spell with multiple targets that resolves while a target after the first is illegal won't affect that target (if the first target was illegal this already worked properly)

Card bugfixes in jMagic 0.8.1 | Open
* Arrow Volley Trap and Bogardan Hellkite prompt you for "up to five" targets rather than a single target
* Arc Trail's text matches its implementation (it always functioned correctly but the text said it dealt 1 to the first target instead of 2)
* Mox Opal taps
* Standstill triggers on all spells instead of just enchantment spells
* Shapesharer's effect ends when it's supposed to instead of lasting indefinitely
* Mox Diamond's replacement effect doesn't crash the game
* Leyline of Sanctity functions
* Defense of the Heart's trigger condition is correct
* Garruk's Horde casts the card only if it's a creature card
* Mossbridge Troll actually regenerates
* Cloudpost actually makes mana
* Izzet Guildmage's abilities have legal targets
* Denizen of the Deep doesn't bounce itself
* Etherwrought Page doesn't crash the game
* Tuktuk Scrapper's ability functions
* Furnace Scamp's sacrifice is "you may" as it should be
* Harrow is a Zendikar card (and thus legal in Standard and Extended)
* Archmage Ascension, AEther Figment, and Llanowar Elite's static abilities apply only when they're supposed to
* Guardian Seraph functions
* Ghostly Prison functions
* Genesis's triggered ability doesn't crash the game
* Emerge Unscathed doesn't crash the game
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Re: jMagic 0.8.1

Postby jmagicdev » 07 Sep 2011, 01:03

A Mac OSX version of jMagic is now available!
Minimum requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard).
To install: Open the disk image then drag the jMagic icon into the Applications folder.
The deck files have been included in a separate directory in the disk image called "Sample Decks". If you want to use them, copy them to your Desktop or home directory, or somewhere else you will be able to find them.
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