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jMagic 0.11

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2012, 03:16
by jmagicdev
jMagic 0.11 is out!

New features
* New cards -- of course! Avacyn Restored and Magic 2013 are available.

Engine updates

GUI updates
* Abilities are rendered more like cards are, allowing selected modes to be similarly highlighted.

Engine bugfixes
* Granting an object in the graveyard Flashback and then casting it doesn't crash the game.
* Needing to choose between two replacement effects produced by abilities granted by continuous effects (*breathe*) doesn't crash the game.

Card bugfixes:
* Ravager of the Fells's trigger can target zero creatures
* Loyal Cathar's trigger functions
* Blue Sun's Zenith functions

Known issues
* It's possible to activate Deranged Assistant's mana ability while playing a spell or ability, fail to play that spell or ability, and see the top card of your library (while it's in your graveyard). jMagic doesn't yet implement rule 717.1, which would cause Deranged Assistant's mana ability to not be reversed when reversing the illegal play.
* If a card has two instances of flashback (for example, if it already has flashback when Past in Flames resolves) and you cast it via flashback, when it resolves, two competing replacement effects will try to exile it. This is incorrect; only the replacement effect from the instance of flashback you used should try to exile it. This is inconsequential, but annoying.
* Sometimes, if text like "-1/-1" is near the end of a line of text, it will wrap undesirably, putting the "-" and the "1" on separate lines.

Re: jMagic 0.11

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2012, 18:06
by TheWolfen
hi guys,

nice to see that you are still on it!

may i ask how it is going with the development of "full match" support, with sideboarding and die rolling?

keep up the good work.


EDIT: Also, will there be some support of the EDH/Commander format? would be nice. :)