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Magicgrove v3.0

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2014, 20:44
by magicgrove
The final set from Urza's block is finaly completed, the whole block can now be played in sealed and draft tournaments. This release also features Ui improovements and better Ai.

You can download it here.


New cards (140)

Academy Rector, Æther Sting, Ancient Silverback, Apprentice Necromancer, Archery
Training, Attrition, Aura Thief, Blizzard Elemental, Bloodshot Cyclops, Body
Snatcher, Braidwood Cup, Braidwood Sextant, Brass Secretary, Brine Seer,
Bubbling Beebles, Bubbling Muck, Caltrops, Capashen Knight, Capashen Standard,
Capashen Templar, Carnival of Souls, Chime of Night, Cinder Seer, Colos
Yearling, Compost, Covetous Dragon, Disappear, Disease Carriers, Donate Dying
Wail, Elvish Lookout, Elvish Piper, Emperor Crocodile, Encroach, Eradicate,
Extruder, False Prophet, Fatigue, Fend Off, Festering Wound, Field Surgeon,
Flame Jet, Fledgling Osprey, Flicker, Fodder Cannon, Gamekeeper, Goblin
Berserker, Goblin Festival, Goblin Gardener, Goblin Marshal, Goblin Masons,
Goliath Beetle, Heart Warden, Hulking Ogre, Hunting Moa, Illuminated Wings,
Impatience, Incendiary, Iridescent Drake, Ivy Seer, Jasmine Seer, Junk Diver,
Keldon Champion, Keldon Vandals, Kingfisher, Landslide, Lurking Jackals,
Magnify, Mantis Engine, Mark of Fury, Marker Beetles, Mask of Law and Grace,
Master Healer, Masticore, Mental Discipline, Metalworker, Metathran Elite,
Metathran Soldier, Momentum, Multani's Decree, Nightshade Seer, Opalescence o
Opposition, Pattern of Rebirth, Phyrexian Monitor, Phyrexian Negator o Plague
Dogs, Plated Spider, Plow Under, Powder Keg, Private Research, Quash, Rapid
Decay, Ravenous Rats, Rayne, Academy Chancellor, Reckless Abandon, Reliquary
Monk, Repercussion, Replenish, Rescue, Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary, Rofellos's
Gift, Sanctimony, Scent of Brine, Scent of Cinder, Scent of Ivy, Scent of
Jasmine, Scent of Nightshade, Scour, Serra Advocate, Sigil of Sleep, Skittering
Horror, Slinking Skirge, Solidarity, Soul Feast , Sowing Salt, Splinter,
Squirming Mass, Taunting Elf, Telepathic Spies, Temporal Adept, Tethered
Griffin, Thieving Magpie, Thorn Elemental, Thran Dynamo, Thran Foundry, Thran
Golem, Tormented Angel, Treachery, Trumpet Blast, Twisted Experiment, Urza's
Incubator, Voice of Duty, Voice of Reason, Wake of Destruction, Wild Colos,
Yavimaya Elder, Yavimaya Enchantress, Yavimaya Hollow, Yawgmoth's Bargain

New sets & decks

  • New set: Urza's Destiny.
  • 19 preconstructed decks.
  • More than 13K pregenerated tournament decks.

Improved UI

  • Animation when permanent leaves battlefield.
  • Animations when player looses or gains life.
  • Visual indication when player turn starts.
  • Visual indication when opponent plays a spell or activates an ability.
  • Better combat coloring for matching attackers and blockers.
  • Avatar selection in tournaments.
  • Changed shortcut from Spacebar to Enter when confirming multiple selections
    e.g when choosing attackers or blockers.

Explicit ordering of triggered abilities

Players can now specify the order in which triggered abilities are
pushed to stack.

Better AI

  • Improved combat AI.
  • Improved scoring AI.
  • Increased look ahead to 60 steps.

Better resource management

  • Zipped resources.
  • Faster game load & progress indication.

Re: Magicgrove v3.0

PostPosted: 11 Sep 2014, 14:18
by BlackLotus82
Hi, I just discovered Magicgrove (v.3.0) and instantly fell in love with it!
The UI is essential but practical, and I find it particularly elegant and inspiring while playing a match.
The cards themselves are absolutly GORGEOUS, and the implementation of non-scanned borders/text (framing HQ cropped art) makes them really "alive" and gives the whole thing a great sense of cohesion. Oh, and they are GORGEOUS.
The actual pool of cards is fairly consistent, and I really hope it will grow steadily over time. I would like to see small but frequent updates between the major releases, just to add a few cards easy to program (maybe with text similar to the ones already implemented). I know it's still a lot of work, but it could help to keep users excited about MagicGrove.
The AI seems really good to me (but since I have no programming skills, I can't judge the underlying mechanics themselves) and it's quite fast, too... Some occasional bug ends the match prematurely, but it's still an enjoyable experience overall.
So, a big BRAVO! Please, keep working on your great game. You have +1 loyal fan!

Re: Magicgrove v3.0

PostPosted: 12 Sep 2014, 05:51
by horseoftroy
Thanks for the great game , appreciate the huge effort