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Card generator

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Re: Card generator

Postby Xander9009 » 08 Sep 2016, 15:25

To be fair, thefiremind's universal generator could manage most simple cards. Especially with my modified plugin. It would just need some minor tweaks to allow input of custom ability text, which would be really simple. A modified input plugin that doesn't pull from a website at all, but rather a text file you create. I could actually use this myself, so I might see about making a plugin for that at some point. If you make the cards in Magic Set Editor, you can actually export single cards or whole sets for Magic Workstation in a format that make this a really simple task from beginning to end. Make it how you want in Magic Set Editor, export for Magic Workstation, run the export through TFM's Universal Card Generator, and drop the final card into your custom data folder. I could almost definitely even make it simple to handle the art. If you make the art how it should look in-game and name it the same as the card's CARDNAME field (which is extremely simple), then the generator could pull the art in, and convert it using Gibbed Tools. I'm too busy to do that right now, but it should theoretically be a fairly simple process. Anyone that knows python could give it a shot in the mean time. (Python being the language TFM's generator plugins use. They're actually how I learned the basics of python, so thanks, firemind. :) )
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