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Magicgrove v1.9 Released

by magicgrove

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Magicgrove v1.9 Released

Postby magicgrove » 26 Jun 2013, 20:57

Hi all,

Release 1.9 can be downloaded here.

Most of cards in Urza's Saga are now implemented and can be used to play sealed tournaments.

New cards
Morphling, Nature's Lore, No Rest for the Wicked, Noetic Scales, Opal Archangel, Oppression, Order of Yawgmnoth, Outmaneuver, Parasitic Bond, Path of Peace, Pendrell Flux, Peregrine Drake, Persecute, Phyrexian Processor, Phyrexian Tower, Pit Trap, Planar Birth, Planar Void, Power Taint, Presence of the Master, Priest of Gix, Priest of Titania, Purging Scythe, Rain of Filth, Rain of Salt, Rampant Growth, Ravenous Skirge, Raze, Recantation, Reclusive Wight, Redeem, Reflexes, Rejuvenate, Remebrance, Reprocess, Retaliation, Retromancer, Rewind, Rumbling Crescendo, Rune of Protection: Artifacts, Rune of Protection: Blue, Rune of Protection: Green, Rune of Protection: Lands, Rune of Protection: Red, Rune of Protection: White, Sanguine Guard, Scald, Scoria Wurm, Seasoned Marshal, Serra Avatar, Serra Zealot, Serra's Liturgy, Serra's Sanctum, Shimmering Barrier, Shivan Gorge, Shivan Hellkite, Show and Tell, Skirge Familiar, Skittering Skirge, Sleeper Agent, Smokestack, Sneak Attack, Soul Sculptor, Spined Fluke, Spire Owl, Sporogenesis, Spreading Algae, Steam Blast, Stroke of Genius, Sunder, Tainted Aether, Thran Quarry, Time Spiral, Titania's Boon, Titania's Chosen, Tolarian Academy, Tolarian Winds, Treefolk Seedlings, Treetop Rangers, Umbilicus, Unnerve, Vampiric Embrace, Vebulid, Veil of Birds, Veiled Apparition, Veiled Crocodile, Veiled Sentry, Veiled Serpent, Venomous Fangs, Vernal Bloom, Viashino Outrider, Viashino Sandswimmer, Viashino Weaponsmith, Vile Requiem, Voice of Law, Voltaic Key, Vug Lizard, War Dance, Western Paladin, Whetstone, Whirlwind, Windfall, Winding Wurm, Witch Engine, Worn Powerstone, Zephid, Zephid's Embrace, Wall of Blossoms

Added sealed tournament game mode
Every player is given a random pack of 90 cards from chosen sets (1x tournament pack, 3x booster pack), which he uses to build his deck. Multiple rounds are played on each tournament, the number of rounds depends on the number of players. On the start of every round, players are paired using the Swiss pairing system. Players get 3 points for win and 0 points for loss. The player with most points wins the tournament. In case of a tie game won percentage is compared.

Save & load
Single matches & tournaments can be saved via the in game menu (alt-q). The games can later be loaded via the Load saved game option.

Better AI
Increased game simulation performance. Increased simulation lenght to 40 steps. Combat improvement.

Have fun.
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Re: Magicgrove v1.9 Released

Postby jmartus » 29 Jun 2013, 18:53

Very nice release sometimes it seams it takes a while for the ai to take it turn late on in the game though.
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