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Release Thread - 0.99n

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Release Thread - 0.99n

Postby Jorbes » 04 Jan 2010, 15:23

Download at :

Please do not use this thread for feature request and bugs, use
TODO: 0.99p for feature requests, thanks.


[X] When you move multiple cards to the top of the library, the order in which they end up is reversed from the order in wich they go. This was because the next card also goes to the same index: A,B,C to index 0 -> A should go to 0, B should go to 1, C should go to 2, etc.

[X] Show the face up version of a face down card in the Highlight Card when you are allowed to 'peek' at that card or when it is a 'morph' card.

[X] Create a system where you can 'mask' a peekable card with part sleeve and part image, so that it's clear the card is face down, but you will also be able to see (part of) the image.

[X] Allow for private card tags, this tag will be shown for the user only and will not be communicated to the server.
This tag will therefor not be remembered when a player rejoins a table after disconnect because the server will have no notion of this.

[X] Allow for team card tags, this tag will be shown for the team only and can be used for tactical reasons. This tag will be sent to the server and it will be shown after a reconnect. Therefor, when players want to use private tags in a 1vs1 game and want to have these saved on the server, they should use team tags instead.

[X] Show Pwr/Tgh in the Highlight Card for morph cards (maybe the morph property isn't copied over correctly)

[X] Rearrange cards in hand via drag and drop. Same for LOOKZONE and REVEALZONE.

[X] Revise sleeve system to allow players to create sleeves for 'me', 'opp' and each individual player id (1-8). When using individual player-id sleeves, the 'me' sleeve will override for your sleeve, so you always have your sleeves.
When in team vs team, allow an option to use either 'me' and 'opp' sleeves for your team / their team, or to still use individual sleeves when available.

[X] Draw the Pwr/Tgh text so it's always easily readable.Before 0.99n this text will rotate with a tap / flip, but it will be better for the overview when this text does not rotate.
The position of the Pwr/Tgh text will be at the same location as when rotated.

[X] Shortcuts / Menu for Bring To Front
Alt+F, only applies for cards in play for the time being.

[X] Bring To Front after moving

[X] Revise 'linking' of attached cards (mostly aura). No longer sort, but use the order in which the attaching took place, with the last attached card on the bottom.

[X] Implement drag&drop for attaching aura's

[X] Create a dice object, like the life / phase bar, where the user can define several dice rolls for fast access. For games other than MtG that do frequent dice rolls.

[X] Test table rejoining, think of a fast/easy way to rejoin a table. Rejoin your last table with the /rejoin command

[X] Prevent double clicking 'end-turn' button. Once a player ends the turn, there should be a block in the client on ending the turn until that player again becomes the active player. Update: Seems to be impossible to prevent in the client, will need to keep track of active player/team on the server, so only that player/team may pass the turn over to the next player/team. Update2: Got it hacked in, but will want to move turn structure to the server after 1.0

[X] Make graveyard and rfg 'floating' zones like reveal, look and stack. Needs proper testing for drag and drop

[X] Shortcut to browse own library (ctrl+b)
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