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Release Thread - 0.99r

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Release Thread - 0.99r

Postby Jorbes » 10 Jun 2010, 08:59

Download at :

Note: I have also released an updated version of the server (0.6.3) for this client. If you run a server, you need to upgrade. Most important change for the server is that it now creates less new threads, which is okay, because each user has it's own thread anyway.

Please do not use this thread for feature requests and bugs, use TODO: 0.99s instead, thanks.

Okidoki, the todo list isn't completely done yet, but most of the stuff left is for the server and I do not have much time this week to work on that.

0.99r - Most important changes:

Cards in play are now resizeable.
Please be aware that if you use very small settings, you might be able to fit like 20 cards in a single row, but your fellow players may have different settings so that your cards will overlap each other a bit for their view. I could explain this with a nice screenshot example and maybe I will some day, just not right now.
The place to resize the cards is in "Themes->Edit Object->Zones"

Players now have their own counters.
You can now drag counters (poison for example) to your player panel to add counters to yourself. This is usefull for not only poison counters, but also for when an effect tells you to distribute say 6 counters among permanents. You could first give yourself 6 counters and them take them from your playerpanel onto permanents, this will make the action more clear to the other players, else everyone will try to keep track of the number of counters already added etc.

[X] Need a new splash loader.

[X] Allow counters to be placed on players, maybe come up with a neat display of them too.

[X] Allow tag's for non-permanents. Right now a tag doesn't go away when changing zones, but one can only be set when the card is in play. Same for the "Reset" option, because it is used to clear tags quickly.

[X] Fix deckbuilder bug for changing edition of a card, remove the rarity.

[X] Dock Time to the left of the highlight card

[X] Investigate bug where player concedes while attackers are being declared.

[X] Allow resizing of permanents, time will have to tell if this becomes a problem for people who are on different resolutions.

[X] Fixed the bug where the active team was getting the "Blockers Declared?" question, it should be for the non active team, as they are the ones declaring blockers :)

[X] Add 'normal' versions for cardnames with odd characters in them, like done for Æ cards.

[X] Fix the card data window in the deckbuilder to stay on top

[X] Fixed some internal code in the deckbuilder so it will handle large decks better, though improvement still needed.
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