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Release Thread - 0.99s

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Release Thread - 0.99s

Postby Jorbes » 24 Sep 2010, 10:17

Download at :

Note: I have also released an updated version of the server (0.6.4) for this client. If you run a server, you need to upgrade. Most important change for the server is that you can host counters, in case you have some pretty ones you like to share with your users. Will also create a section for counters on the homepage later this year when I refocus on the graphics of OPT with a nice little theme building contest.

Please do not use this thread for feature requests and bugs, use TODO: 0.99t instead, thanks.

While packaging the new OPT is realized it's only been just over 3 months since the last one, seemed to be a lot longer going from the number of items on the list below.

[X] Add a remove all targets menu item in the card popup menu for cards with at least 1 target.

[X] Change the "put into play/grave" menu item for effects/abilities on the stack to "remove from stack"

[X] Remove the "Play" menu item when the 'Use the Stack' option in 'Game Settings' is turned off, as "Play" would have the same effect as "Put into play".

[X] Fix the bug for playing cards face down while using the stack.

[X] Reorganise popup menu items.

[X] Add option to have captions of zones of players on the other side of the table on the bottom instead of at the top.
This would make moving them around easier and also would make it more clear what zone it is when partially hidden out of screen.

[X] Use a double space for "new line" in the rules text for cards and reflect this in OPT and deckbuilder.

[X] Revise output text for several actions like card tags, clearing cards, pwr/tgh changes so they apear on one line to make it clear it's only 1 action. Created an option so players can choose how they want it.

[X] Seperate "Peekable" indicator for other players, different color 'eye' would be sufficient. Also make it clear in the Hover text who is allowed to peek at a face down card.

[X] Show owner & controller in Hover text for face down cards

[X] Support for "Proliferate" with minimal actions.
Cannot change counters for cards you don't control, so need
to think of a solution for that along the way. Likewise for other players. For now, a player can only "proliferate" their own cards, the use of target arrows could be usefull for the other cards untill "we" come up with something clever.

[X] Add counters data to the server so users can get the most recent counters from there, will require a big client side change also, but should rid of the "can you add xyz counter?" requests. This will be instead of the dynamic counters idea scheduled for post 1.0

[X] Right click menu for counters on cards/players to Add/Remove/Remove All. Will also apply to highlight card, because counters on there are larger and therefor easier to click on.

[X] Remember if the chat line is visible in solitaire games.

[X] Fix bug in solitaire where it's the opp's turn and you are asked to draw a card, press yes and instead of the active player(s) drawing a card, you do.

[X] Allow for a card to be taplocked for only one untap step.
Split up the "Doesn't Untap" menu item into 2 items.

[X] Prevent card counters to be placed on cards in hand, library, graveyard, revealed zone and "looking at" zone.
The stack may be needed one day for some odd counter type WOTC might create :)

[X] Undo for drawing a card. Will implement this one specific undo, undo'ing any other actions are a bit complex with the way OPT works internally at the moment.

[X] Support for full's that do not contain the .full tag. OPT no longer supports crops and probably never will again.

[X] Revise the default positioning system, could be user defined, but after placement the position of the card must be communicated to the other players in order for the "align blockers to attackers" to keep working properly.

[X] Revise the flow of a turn in solitaire. You should be able to go through the turns by using the "Pass" button. Also need to fix the untap/attacker/blocker questions for when it's the opponents' turns in solitaire.

[X] Verify untapping in solitaire untaps the active players only.

[X] Implement Take Mulligan for ..., Solitaire Mode only obv. Menu items in main menu. The floating hand zone will also have a right click popup menu for quick access.

[X] Fix bug: When you suspend a card that is in play, to play, the card moves to a new default position. The card is already in play, so remove the "move to play" action.

[X] Fix bug: Use the stack has some issues.
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Re: Release Thread - 0.99s

Postby Huggybaby » 24 Sep 2010, 18:00

Excellent, we've been waiting for this.
Thanks Jorbes.
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