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[still bug]Colfenor's Urn no way to know the cards exiled

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[still bug]Colfenor's Urn no way to know the cards exiled

Postby Nexhro » 21 Oct 2014, 21:13

Describe the Bug:
1) The selection popup that is prompted when the player controls Colfenor's Urn and a creature with toughness 4 or greater controlled by that player dies is messed up, if multiple such creatures deie at the same time. The list is growing with each such creature that dies and doesn't exile the creature selected from it.

Example: I control Urn, Pride of Lions, Steel Golem and Ur-Drago, and cast Damnation. When Damnation resolves, Urn's popup is prompted and offers the options "Put Pride of Lions in the urn" and "Pass". Choosing to exile Pride of Lions correctly exiles it and a legacy card named Pride of Lions is attached to Urn.
After I have made a choice (regardless whether exile or pass), Urn's second popup offers "Put Pride of Lions in the urn", "Put Steel Golem in the urn", and "Pass". Choosing to exile Steel Golem will result in Golem being put into my graveyard. Selecting the "Put Lion's..." option instead will exile Golem and attach the corresponding legacy card to Urn.
Regardless of the last choice, Urn's third popup will offer "Put Pride of Lions in the urn", "Put Steel Golem in the urn", "Pu Ur-Drago in the Urn", and "Pass". In order to successfully exile Ur-Drago I have to choose the Pride of Lions option again - the other three options result in Ur-Drago ending up in my graveyard.

In some games when multiple of my creatures with toughness 4 or greater died at the same time while I controlled Urn with multiple legacy cards already attached to it, I was offered these expanding list popups for the creatures that just died and, after I made my choices, I got an additional popup listing all creatures exiled with Urn (including the ones I had just made choices for) and asking which one to exile. None of the options had any impact on the game, though.

2) Colfenor's Urn is not sacrificed at the end of a turn, if 3 or more creature have been exiled with it (nor are the exiled creatures returned to the battlefield).

It also corrupts savegames (as does every second card of late, it seems).

Which card did behave improperly ?
Colfenor's Urn

Which update are you using?(date,name)Which type(Duel,Gauntlet,Sealed Deck)
CoRM15 mini5, duel

What exactly should be the correct behavior/interaction ?
Colfenor's Urn

Are any other cards possibly affected by this bug ?
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Re: [confirmed]Colfenor's Urn bad selection, no eot trigger

Postby Gargaroz » 08 Nov 2014, 17:43

All fixed in d5620b7
- Current / medium term task: adjusting the code for making Misdirection and such usable
- Long term task: inserting all the good stuff I left out from the "Golden Years" mod
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Re: [still bugged]Colfenor's Urn bad selection, no eot trigg

Postby BAgate » 02 Dec 2014, 11:29

I think you left test code in. On entering play 3 Force of Nature and a Nantuko Husk are put into play.

1) there doesn't appear to be any way to decline to exile a creature w/ P>=4. If you don't select a creature from the list it gets exiled anyway.

2) when cards are returned to the bf a copy remains exiled.fix

3) there is no way to know what cards have been exiled already or how many. Would that be possible or too much of a hassle?
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Re: [still bugged]Colfenor's Urn leaves copy in gy-no indica

Postby Aswan jaguar » 26 Sep 2019, 13:22

Fixed cards in exile are not cleared from exile zone in commit ea7c5c67.
Fixed also same bug for:
Consulate Crackdown, Helvault, Parallax Wave and Parallax Tide.
Remaining bug you don't know the cards exiled by Colfenor's Urn.
Trying to squash some bugs and playtesting.
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