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[fixed]Spark of Creativity can't be played

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[fixed]Spark of Creativity can't be played

Postby drool66 » 18 Oct 2017, 06:41

Describe the Bug:
I couldn't figure out how to play Spark of Creativity, even with mana open and valid targets

Which card did behave improperly?
Spark of Creativity

Which update are you using? (date, name)Which type? (duel, gauntlet, sealed deck)
Manalink dev 778ccb5 version - duel

What exactly should be the correct behavior/interaction?
Spark of Creativity can be played with {R} open and a creature on the board

Are any other cards possibly affected by this bug?
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Re: Spark of Creativity can't be played

Postby Korath » 18 Oct 2017, 07:32

It has Skyship Stalker's function assigned to it. To fix:
  1. Open up magic_updater/ct_all.csv with your non-mangling text editor of choice (not notepad or wordpad)
  2. track down the line with Spark of Creativity (it's on line 16529, towards the end)
  3. change 0x200f313 to 0x200f318
  4. copy your Magic.exe to that dir
  5. run csv2dat.exe
  6. run ct2exe.exe ct_all.csv
    You'll get lots and lots (lots!) of warnings. It's probably safe to ignore them all. The overwhelming majority don't even indicate anything problematic:
    • "CID <number>: "<cardname>" marked as not coded in Cards.dat" will show up for every single card not implemented in Manalink
    • ""<cardname>" requires <color> mana to cast but card color is missing" will show up for everything with devoid.
    • There'll be seven complaining of a power/toughness mismatch; other than the Dragon token which is genuinely broken, these are all either because ct2exe can't deal with negative base power or toughness, or because WOTC broke its own rules about when to print an asterisk in a power/toughness box.
    • And there's thirty-something colorless/color cost mismatches, which are an even split between wrong but harmless, and wrong but Manalink needs them to be wrong.
  7. copy your newly-generated Cards.dat, DBinfo.dat, Rarity.dat, and Magic.exe back into your run directory.
There's a makefile in magic_updater that'll do steps 4-7 for you if you've got a vaguely functional build environment.

Fixed in 980a003.
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