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Magarena 1.93

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Magarena 1.93

Postby melvin » 29 Apr 2018, 14:26

This release includes support for oracle and rules changes introduced in
Dominaria such as the Saga subtype, wording for mana abilities, etc.

We also fixed a problem with MCTS not taking into account revealed library
cards causing it to crash. This release includes 53 new cards.

Click here to download for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

includes contributions from:
Martin Petricek

- remove "to mana pool" from abilities that produce mana

- simplify and generalise code for parsing target choice

- support abilities that trigger when a counter is put on a card, or one or
more counters are put

- support Saga subtype, historic keyword, and legendary sorceries

- added the following to the card script:
* trigger: Whenever you put one or more counters, <effect>

- fixed the following bugs:
* revealed libreary cards are not tracked corrected during MCTS rollouts (issue #1506)
* Sequestered Stash incorrect mana cost for activated ability
* Deathgorge Scavenger did not exile target card from a graveyard (issue #1547)
* Verdant Sun's Avatar triggers for any permanent, not just creatures (issue #1547)
* Scrap Trawler able to return artifact card with same converted mana cost
as the artifact you control that is put into a graveyard from the
battlefield (issue #1556)

- added the following cards:
Admiral's Order, Arterial Flow, Atzal, Cave of Eternity, Blazing Hope,
Bloodcrazed Hoplite, Brass's Bounty, Chameleon Spirit, Corpsejack Menace,
Crashing Tide, Crypt Incursion, Custodi Soulcaller, Debt to the Deathless,
Defiant Greatmaw, Divine Congregation, Elemental Mastery,
Enduring Scalelord, Enter the Unknown, Fanatical Firebrand, Fathom Mage,
Flourishing Defenses, Form of the Dinosaur, Ghalta, Primal Hunger,
Goblin Archaeologist, Goblin Festival, Gravestorm, Hammer of Nazahn,
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, Hardened Scales, Hornswoggle, Horribly Awry,
Jadelight Ranger, Journey to Eternity, Lurking Predators, Master the Way,
Meren of Clan Nel Toth, Molten Influence, Nazahn, Revered Bladesmith,
Necromancer's Covenant, Nest of Scarabs, Nezahal, Primal Tide,
Obelisk Spider, Path of Discovery, Pirate's Pillage, Pitiless Plunderer,
Prying Questions, Radiant Kavu, Tatterkite, Temple Altisaur, Thoughtbind,
Vizier of Remedies, Vraska's Scorn, Winding Constrictor, World Shaper
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