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Rulings and custom card questions

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Rulings and custom card questions

Postby NYO » 15 Jun 2018, 07:31

Hi, I've got a question regarding rulings and a custom card that I've made.

I've create an instant card with the following functions:

"deals 2 damage to any target.

mills each player for 3.

spell mastery - create a 2/1 token creature."

Oracle "Deals two damage to any target. Put the top two cards of each player's library into his/her graveyard. Spell mastery - Create a 2/1 Demon token."

(Sorry I am not quite familiar with the wordings of the Oracle…)

And my script is as follows:

A:SP$ DealDamage | Cost$ RRRR | ValidTgts$ Creature,Player | TgtPrompt$ Select target creature or player | NumDmg$ 2 | SpellDescription$ CARDNAME deals 2 damage to target creature or player. | SubAbility$ DBMill
SVar:DBMill:DB$Mill | NumCards$ 3 | Defined$ Player | SubAbility$ DBToken
SVar:DBToken:DB$ Token | ConditionCheckSVar$ X | ConditionSVarCompare$ GE2 | References$ X | TokenAmount$ 1 | TokenName$ Demon | TokenTypes$ Creature,Demon | TokenColors$ Red | TokenPower$ 2 | TokenToughness$ 1 | TokenImage$ r 1 1 xyz ABC | TokenOwner$ You
SVar:X:Count$ValidGraveyard Instant.YouOwn,Sorcery.YouOwn

However, if the creature that I targeted is protected, the mill part and token generation part of the card cannot be performed. (no milling and no tokens are generated).

May I ask in reallife Magic rulings.. should the rest parts of the card be performed? If yes, how can I ammend the script?

Thanks very much..
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Re: Rulings and custom card questions

Postby friarsol » 16 Jun 2018, 03:21

In real life magic, if all of the targets are illegal by the time the spell resolves. It fizzles and none of the actions are taken.
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