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Short Description

This utility generates high quality, 736x1050 proxies that use the latest oracle text. Because the images are generated from scratch (except the art), all the cards are pixel perfect and consistent. All existing cards are supported, including multicolored, dual and flip cards. Art is chosen randomly, but all available art images for a card will be used before the same image is used twice. This means when you generate a deck, all Swamps (for example) will have a different art. Utility accepts deck lists in CSV and MWS formats.


  • 8.2.8
    • updated to CFX
    • updated some rarity symbols
    • non english Artifact rendering
    • other small fixes
  • 8.2.7
    • strip (1), (2) etc from names, needed for duplicate foreign card names
  • 8.2.6 v2
    • previous version had old sets / formats / land colors files included
  • 8.2.6
    • minor bugfixes
    • added a bunch of languages
    • updated to ALA (no version bump form orgianl 8.2.6)
  • 8.2.5 (mislabeled 2.9.5)
    • added planeswalkers renderer and resources
  • eventide-bugfix
    • updated cards up to Eventide
    • updated legality
    • added a higher quality version of cardback (not used anywhere)
    • all the fixes so far from 8.2.3


core 8.2.8

images 8.2.6

images 8.2.8 update includes more rarity symbols

HQ Crops Flips/Splits/Planeswalkers Thanks go to Halfcat for Planeswalkers, extreme and rest of HQ pics team for the rest.

Installation instructions

Download Core Package, Resources from Slighty Magicl and images update 8.2.6 plus images update 8.2.8, core update 8.2.8. If you want the updated Oracle French translation download it from here(Oracle translation).

Unzip all the packages into the same folder and put cards-french.csv into data folder. The generator is now ready to use however you can improve the accuracy of generated cards by using the correct fonts

For post8th edition look you will need

  • MatrixB.ttf (MatrixBold)
  • MatrixBSmallCaps.ttf (MatrixBoldSmallCaps)

For avatars:

  • Septimus.ttf (Septimus)
  • Perpetua-Bold.ttf (Perpetua Bold)
  • MinionPro-Regular.otf (MinionPro-Regular)

all of the additional fonts should be places into the font folder. The generator will automatically use them if they become available.

Mac OS X

  • Copy contents of native.tar.gz into Card Generator directory.
  • Install Macports
  • Open up the Terminal in the Applications/Utilities folder in the Finder
  • Run 'sudo /opt/local/bin/port selfupdate
  • Run 'sudo /opt/local/bin/port install gd2'
  • Run 'sudo /opt/local/bin/port install php5'
  • Run 'sudo /opt/local/bin/port install php5-gd'
  • Go get some coffee...
  • In the terminal edit the .bash_profile file. Add 'export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH'. I use the vim text editor for this.
  • Use the Terminal to navigate to the directory where Card Generator is installed.
  • Run './generateCards.sh', './generateCards-decklist.sh','./generatePages.sh', './generatePages-decklist.sh' as desired.
  • You can drag a file onto the terminal to add the decklist filename name to the command line prompt.
  • Press 'Return' and CardGenerator should run.


generateCards.bat - Generates cards from deck list in CSV or MWS deck format.

generateCards-decklists.bat - Generates deck lists with their legality.

generatePages.bat - Generates pages of cards, useful for proxy printing at ~315DPI

generatePages-decklists.bat - Generates pages of deck lists only. You can start the bat and then drop in the deck file or drop the deck file onto a shortcut.

CSV Decklist format

1,Sarcomite Myr
2,Reaper King,SHM
2,Reaper King,SHM,DCI
1,"Shizo, Death's Storehouse"

It goes like

<Number of cards>,<Name of the Card>,[Edition],[Promo]

The number of cards and the name are obligatory, however you can specify if you want to use a precise edition. The last promo field tells the generator that you want to make a promo out of the card which translates into a special set symbol and textbox overlay. Currently the DCI and FNM are available but making a custom one comes down to dropping an overlay into images/promo/*.png and a set symbol into images/eight/rarity/*_R.gif where * is the Promo name.

Configuration files

config.txt - Main configuration

config-decklist.txt - Decklist generation configuration

config-eighth.txt - post8th edition frame configuration includes planeshifted

config-preEighth.txt- pre8th edition frame configuration

config-vanguard.txt - Avatar frame configuration

Most of the options are self explanatory, however feel free to ask if you need clarification.

Advanced usage

misc/createCard.bat can be used to create custom cards

misc/diffDecklists.bat generates a deck that is the difference between two other decks

misc/prices.bat computes the overall price of a deck

misc/buildFontSizeCache.bat can be used to rebuild the font size cache which speeds up card generation

misc/generateAll.bat generates all cards from all editions

misc/installContextMenuItems.bat install a context menu when holding shift key when right clicking any file

misc/import/readme.txt HOWTO update the card database using GoblinHero MWS Masterbase

Sample cards

See the main Card Generator thread.


Main Update Thread