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Champs Promos


In 2006 was started a series of tournaments called Champs. Tournaments are carring out in one of two formats - Standard and Limited Two-Headed Giant. In 2007 in USA tournaments were renamed to States (they are still called Champs in Europe).

Each attendee receves special frame card. Additionally Top 8 players receive special frame foil card.


2006 (Gallery)
Card Name Num Foil Icon Additional Info Date
Electrolyze C1 CHAMPS 2006-03-18
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind C2 CHAMPS Yes 2006-03-18
Rakdos Guildmage C3 CHAMPS 2006-06-24
Voidslime C4 CHAMPS Yes 2006-06-24
Urza's Factory C5 CHAMPS 2006-10-21
Serra Avenger C6 CHAMPS Yes 2006-10-21
2007 (Gallery)
Card Name Num Foil Icon Additional Info Date
Blood Knight C7 CHAMPS 2007
Groundbreaker C8 CHAMPS Yes 2007

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