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This chapter is dedicated to Drafting in Online PlayTable. The first step is to open a Draft Table.


As you already know, you can set the number of players and a Password for the table. The next thing you need to entry are the Editions you like to draft. Just enter the according shortcut for the set (you can request them by entering /sets in the textbar).



In this example, I'm opening an Alara Block Draft. I have set the Pick Time to 60 seconds.


As soon as enough players has joined your Table, you are ready to Activate your Draft.


OPT is now loading the Draft Table for every player.


In the top left corner, you see the Draft Info. Active packs and players are written in green.


There is one option that should be changed before starging the draft, that is the Draft Timer (in the upper right corner). In its standard position, this timer is covering the manacost of the highlighted card. It can be changed in the Themes menu.


You can freely move the Draft Timer by editing the "Dock Pad (X)" and "Dock Pad (Y)" values under Dock Configs. The settings in the picture are my settings, putting the timer left of the highlighted card.


All players should click on Ready now.


When all players are ready, a window with all cards in the pack is shown. You can draft a card by double clicking it or by selecting it and clicking "Pick".


As soon as you pick a card, it will appear in the "Made Draft Picks" dialogue on top and the "Sort Picks" menu will update it's statistics automatically. You can also change the order of your Drafted Cards in this menu.


After the draft has ended, each player can Save his drafted cards.


OPT also prints all the OPT Security codes of the participating players in the chat/log window in the bottom right corner. The big advantage of OPT security codes is, that they don't change if you move cards from the sideboard into the deck and verse-vise, so Drafting is as secure as possible in OPT, even if you don't know the player you're playing with.

The matches are simply played by opening according Tables in the Main Lobby and loading the finished Draft Deck.