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Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014


General Information

It will be the 4th game in the Duels of the Planeswalkers series produced by Stainless Games. One of the more anticipated features of this version is Sealed Deck Mode.

Released on June 26th on Steam.

Pre-Release Information

DotP 2014 announced (Game footage)

DotP 2014: Deck Listing - Thanks to NEMESiS for all the information.


The modding sections will be modified/added on to as more information becomes available and we start modding.


DotP 2014: Modding Tutorial

DotP 2014: Coding Cards

DotP 2014: Tags and Functions, Reference Spreadsheet

DotP 2014: Filters and Interrogations

DotP 2014: Cleaning Code

DotP 2014: Best Practices

DotP 2014: Prefix/Id Registry

DotP 2014: Functions

DotP 2014: XML Tags

DotP 2014: Tutorial on Animated Card Images

DotP 2014: Decompilable LOL contents

DotP 2014: Frequent Modding Mistakes

DotP 2014: Updated Land Pool

Known Issues

  • Deck Configurations not saved.
    • All deck configurations must be saved to the player profile, but the profile only allows for saving a finite number of decks (just enough space for all official decks) so any modded deck configurations will be "reset" when the game is closed.
  • Unable to play online.
    • To play online all players in a match (both players in a duel, all 4 players in Two-Headed Giant, and all players in Free-For-All) must have exactly the same wads (same versions as well) otherwise the game will either not connect or will crash.
  • Sealed deck mode doesn't allow for modded decks.
    • For online Sealed Deck mode the game checks with a server to make sure that things haven't been modified so no editing of sealed decks will work here.
    • Editing the sealed deck pool will work offline allowing you to alter which cards are in the sealed deck pool (which will also alter any decks that have been made), but can't be used online. The sealed deck pool only supports 150 cards max.
  • 4+ Colour Decks do not work properly.
    • The game engine does not have proper support for 4+ colour decks so you can't manage land configurations using the in-game deck manager (0 land or 200+ land of one or more basic land types and only 3 basic land types can be adjusted in-game).
    • If you are the author of the deck (or know how to modify deck XMLs) then you can manually adjust the land config in the Deck XML using the LandConfig XML tag (replacing "?" with the number of that type of basic lands that you want in the deck):
<LandConfig ignoreCmcOver="0" minForest="?" minIsland="?" minMountain="?" minPlains="?" minSwamp="?" />



DotP 2014 - WAD signature check disabling by Rick (aka Gibbed)

Deck Box PSD (Deck Box Art Template) - By Scion of Darkness

Card Creators/Localized Text

DotP2014 (web) generator - By thefiremind

Deck Editors/Creators

Riiak's DotP 2014 Deck Builder

Custom Releases (Mods)

PC Mods

2012 decks imported into 2014 - by GrovyleXShinyCelebi

All 10 Base Decks - Redone!

DotP2014 Mod - By sumomole

Scion of Darkness Decks

DotP 2014 Custom DLC - By kevlahnota

TFM&G2K's Planeswalkers Pool - By thefiremind and gorem2k

Planeswalker's Complementary Set - By gorem2k

Thefiremind's DotP2014 DLC

Riiak Shi Nal's DotP 2014 DLC

11-deck Nostalgia Pack - By GrovyleXShinyCelebi

GrovyleXShinyCelebi's Expansion "Sneak Peek" packs

DotP 2014 Core Fixes - By RiiakShiNal

Unkle Necros themed decks! - By Master Necro

Braquio's DotP 2014 DLC - By braquio

DotP Links

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