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How to start modding and unlock decks

This is for Duels of the Planeswalkers from 2010. For information on modding 2014, go here.

The below information taken from somethingawful forums


Necessary steps to start modding the game

  • Extract Data_Core.wad and Data_DLC_0004.wad by dragging them onto Gibbed.Duels.Unpack.exe
  • Data_DLC_0001-3 only contain backgrounds, avatars and such so you don't need to worry about those unless you want to mess with the interface graphics.
  • You now have Data_Core_unpacked and Data_DLC_0004_unpacked, each containing a folder of the same name but without the _unpacked part. Move the folders named Data_Core and Data_DLC_0004 into the main Magic folder. There's 50000 files in Data_Core.wad so it may take a while.
  • To get Magic to read the files you just extracted instead of the original wads, you need to rename originals. I add a _ at the beginning, renaming Data_Core.wad to _Data_Core.wad and Data_DLC_0004.wad to _Data_DLC_0004.wad You can also just move them elsewhere. Be aware that if the game patches it will recreate these files.
  • Do not make a new .wad with the Packer afterwards, that's mainly for if you want to distribute a pack of new cards decks or something like that. If there is a .wad file the game will not load the directory of the same name.

Enabling the Cheat Menu to unlock all cards

  • Open data_core\data_all_platforms\data_required\frontend\common\ui_scripts\core.lua in Notepad
  • Search for "SECRETBUTTON". Change the first occurrence to:
  • The new button will appear on the main menu

Adding Unlock Deck and Foil Deck (for the shimmering cards) buttons to the ingame deck editor

  • Download http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7636448/deckmanager.xml and put it in data_core\data_all_platforms\data_required\frontend.
  • Unlock Deck can be used to unlock decks you don't have yet or to unlock all cards in a deck you have. You need to leave the edit/preview deck screen before the change take effect

Additional File Mirrors

gibbed's tools

Culka's deck editor