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Magic Album Pictures Structure

If you want to create the Magic Album folder structure yourself and/or use your own pictures, the following details show to go about doing this.

Root Directory

All objects of a set; which includes cards, tokens and oversized cards; are stored into the same directory. The directory names can be found in the file Database\Sets.txt file.

Some set examples:

  • \Vanguard\
  • \Core Sets\Magic 2010\
  • \Expansions\Onslaught\
  • \Promo Cards\Arena\

Card Types and Languages

Inside each set directory, you should create subdirectories for each different card type and language.

Here are several examples (directory name is in all caps):

  • ENG - English Cards
  • ENG FOIL - Foil English Cards
  • RUS TOK - Russian Tokens
  • JPN TOK FOIL - Japanese Foil Tokens
  • GER NTR - German Nontraditional Cards (Planes, Schemes, Vanguard and oversized cards)

Object/Card Names

All image files should have the same name as the actual card name in order to be correctly identified. The files should be in the form Card Name.jpg. Unlike Magic Workstation, Magic Album uses only full scans of cards/objects and does not use cropped card/object files. Therefore all image names should not have the .full suffix.

When naming objects with non-English special characters, use the same naming shown in the Magic Album database rather than the actual card. An example of this is the dipthong character Æ which should be replaced with AE.

Use square brackets for different versions of the same card. This includes alternate art (such as in the Homelands and Alliances expansions) as well as Basic Land cards with the same name.

Use an underscore to separate the two halves of split cards and flip cards but not double face cards. Each face of a double faced card exists as a separate object.

Some card examples:

  • Wrath of God.jpg
  • AEther Adept.jpg
  • Forest [2].jpg
  • Arcane Denial [1].jpg
  • Fire_Ice.jpg
  • Nezumi Graverobber_Nighteyes the Desecrator.jpg
  • Huntmaster of the Fells.jpg and Ravager of the Fells.jpg