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ManaLink 3.0

Update for Microprose's Magic: The Gathering PC Game 3.0

  • Required files to properly run ML3 Visual C++ Libraries, some versions of Windows 7 might not need it.
  • Complete version link to download and install of the forum thread here for now (see first post)

ML3 Installation FAQs

Gameplay Mode

Graphic Mods

HighRes Widescreen & Standard 4:3 Graphic Update Allow you to visually improve Manalink appearance and give many options to choose.

Sonic’s Manalink3 Makeover Allow you to play Manalink with a simple and tabletop feeling.

Sonic’s Custom Card Frames Allow you to see all card text without having to fiddle with the hide text menu.

Ozks Antique Avatars More avatars to impersonate or play against

Ozks Solid Clean Skin Ozks graphic skin for ML3

Althuna's main menu graphic skin Althuna's 2 graphic skins for main menu screen

Useful tools and addons

Manalink Playdeck Analyzer Can convert any decks from Manalink 2.0 to 3.0 or any version, also pack up many options like searching for a specific deck or creating a deck from various MTG websites in a few clicks

Microprose PicViewer and Image Conversion Tools Allow to view the proprietary .PIC image files found in the original Magic: The Gathering and convert them to editable BitMaps files.