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Open a PlayTable

We're finally ready to participate in our first OPT multiplayer game. The first step is to connect to a Server (described a chapter earlier). After we are connected to a Server, we rightclick in the open space between top toolbar and Server Messages to open the following menu:


This menu is used to create new PlayTables for other players to join, create Teams with other players and also to join Tournaments (will be implemented in the future). We will now click on Table - Create New:


In this menu we can configure our PlayTable. OPT supports 4 types of tables atm:

-)Free For All (This is the standard table. 2-6 players can play in a matchup, everyone plays for himself)

-)Team vs Team (This table is used for team matches (Two-Headed Giant, Emperor, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3))

-)Draft (OPT supports Drafts with all currently available editions)

-)Winston Draft (more on Winston Draft here)

-)We can also set the number of players for this PlayTable (2-6), set whether it is a Private Table (invite only) and can also set a Password and Description (for example T2, ZEN Block, T1.5, etc.) for the PlayTable.

I will now open a sample 2-player Free For All table.


The following message will appear:


We can view our table in Tables(Open) menu.


When we click on our table, additional information is displayed to the right:


As you can see, every other player could easily Join your table by clicking on it and then clicking the "Join" button. For this tutorial, I will login with a second account and play with both players.


OK, now that both players have joined the PlayTable, we can activate the PlayTable.


OPT is now opening the PlayTable for both players.


The first thing we need to do is submit our deck to the server.



After we have submitted our deck to the server, we can Start the Game with Game - Start Game from the top Toolbar (or by pressing F2).


Now that both players have started the game, OPT automatically determines the starting player. Above the username, a window is popping up asking the winning player whether he wants to begin the game.


After determining the beginning player, OPT asks both players whether they want to take a mulligan.


After both players decided, they simutaneously take their mulligans (as it should be under M10 Rules). Then the winning player may begin the game.


I have already described the basic controls of OPT in the Basics. If you need help on certain mechanics (Cascade, Suspend, Morph, etc.), look into the tutorial "Advanced Controls".

After a player has lost, he has to concede the game in order to let OPT know he lost. (You can also offer a draw)


OPT will now show the total wins for each player and offer the option to "Clear the table". Click this button to set your deck back to it's initial state and make OPT ready for Game 2.


Both players have to submit a Deck again (If they want to change decks for example). If you just want to play another game with the same deck, you can find it in Recent Decks.


OPT also offers Sideboarding. After you have loaded your Deck for Game2, click on "View Library and "View Sideboard" in the top toolbar.



OPT offers several Options for Sideboarding. You can Board single cards in and out, or you can Select 2 cards to be traded between Library and Sideboard.


After you have finished sideboarding, simply Start the Game again (F2) and you're ready for Game 2.