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SPAT (aka Type 4 aka Limited Infinity) is a normal game of Magic with a couple special exceptions.

  • Each player has unlimited mana available.
  • Each player can only play 1 spell per turn.
  • Before the game begins, the SPAT deck is distributed between the 2 players.
  • It is recommended that you use a singleton deck.

To play SPAT:

  • Construct your deck as normal, except also add a single SPAT card to your deck lists.
  • Remember not to include things like basic land, since they are useless in SPAT.
  • A sample SPAT deck list is provided with the most recent patch (SPAT.dck)
  • Start a Solo Duel, choosing the SPAT deck as your deck. It does not matter which deck you give your opponent.
  • Play your duel!

Special Notes:

  • Anger has an exception built in so that it works without a Mountain in play, when playing SPAT.