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SpellAbility Restriction

SpellAbility_Restriction is mostly used with the new Ability_Factory. But in certain circumstances can also be used with code blocks.

Here are the following current Restrictions.



Activation$ <Option> can accept several different values:

  • Metalcraft
  • Threshold
  • Hellbent

These basically follow the text of the card.


ActivationZone$<Zone> For cards that have abilities that you can activate outside of the Battlefield


While Flashback isn't technically an SA_Restriction it's listed here because it's handled very similarly in AFs. If sets the ActivationZone to Graveyard and sets the FlashbackAbility flag of a SpellAbility which will exile the card as it finishes resolving.


SorcerySpeed$True For cards that can only activate if you could cast a sorcery.


PlayerTurn$True For cards that can only be activated during the activating player's turn.


OpponentTurn $True For cards that can only be activated during the opponent's turn of the activating player.


AnyPlayer$True For cards that can be activated by any player. Prophecy has lots of examples of these types of cards.


ActivationLimit$<activationsPerTurn> For cards that have a limited amount of uses


ActivationNumberSacrifice$<activations> For cards that if they you activate them more than a certain amount per turn are sacrificed at end of the turn.


ActivationPhases$<Phases,Seperated,By,Commas> For Abilities can only be activated during upkeep then it'll be ActivationPhases$Upkeep if it's before Declare Attackers than it's ActivationPhases$Upkeep,Draw,Main1,BeginCombat

This can also be handled in a range. ActivationPhases$ BeginCombat->EndCombat for Spells that can only be cast during combat.


ActivationCardsInHand$<CardsInHand> For Abilities with Hellbent (for 0) or Library of Alexandria (for 7)


Planeswalker$True For Planeswalker Abilities. These can only be activated at Sorcery Speed, and only if no Planeswalker Abilities (including this ability) on this card have been activated that turn.


Present is a Restriction that comes in two parts. IsPresent is required. And PresentCompare is optional.


IsPresent$<ValidCards> gets all cards on the battlefield that is considered a ValidCard.


PresentCompare$<2 Letter Comparison><Comparator>. The comparisons are LE,LT,EQ,NE,GE,GT and translated to <=, <, ==, !=, >=, >. The comparator is on the right side of the equation.

If PresentCompare is missing, the Restriction defaults to GE1.


CheckSVar specifies that the results computed from an SVar (Usually via xCount) must equal a certain value which you can specify in the accompanying SVarCompare parameter. SVarCompare is the same as PresentCompare above.