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Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 PC Game


Editing Guides

Introduction to Modding 2013

Card Coding -- Layers 101 - Was originally created for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2010, but is still valid.

DotP 2013 Functions

Info from DotP 2013 Executable

DotP2013 LOL files decoded

Hey! How about a beginners guide 2013 ?

DOTP 2013 extra symbols for card text syntax

DotP 2013: Converting saves from Skidrow to Theta and back.

DotP 2013 Unlocking - How to unlock Decks and Sideboard Cards.

DotP 2013 Modding Best Practices - A collection of best practices and the reasoning behind them.

Custom DLC Releases


DotP2013 Core Bug Fixes - by thefiremind

Thefiremind's DotP2013 DLC

DOTP 2013 Community DLC Mod - by kevlahnota

Sanguine Feast Deck - by MisterBenn

DotP 2013 - Slivers! - by GravitonGamer

DOTP 2013 Eldrazi Crush - by Tyrany

Riiak Shi Nal's DotP 2013 DLC

Thefiremind's Planar Deck

Deck Mono Blue Allies - by alexandreonly

Deck Relentless Rats - by alexandreonly

BlindWillow's DotP 2013 DLC

SoulStorm's Deck Factory

UR Sneak and Show; Black Plague and entomb UB - by Scion of Darkness

5 new decks - by cezarkoch

Legendary - by mdekock

Grim Nature Deck - by alexandreonly

DotP13 GTC MOD - by sumomole

Skullblakka's Decks

Miracles Deck - by pluks

Fable of wolf and shaman - by Dionigi

lookaz's decks

Whizard's MODest Decks

Sarkahn's Madness - by NEMESiS

pcastellazzi's DotP 2013 DLC

Rise of Eldrazi (2 Decks) - by NEMESiS

DrLeg3nd's Deck's by DrLeg3nd

BloodReyvyn's Decks (13 Decks) by BloodReyvyn

Nivmizzet1's DOTP 2013 DLC (14 Decks) by Nivmizzet1


List of all iPad DLCs+download links

Modding Tools


DotP 2013 - Tools & WAD signature check disabling (Gibbed Tools) by Rick (aka Gibbed)

DOTP13 deck image template by Emashzed

DotP2013 profile hash generator by thefiremind

DotP2013 (and 2012) Card Lister by thefiremind

Gibbed Tools modified to support compressing of images

Deck Creators/Editors

DotP 2013 WAD File Editor by RisenDeep (Will crash if a card XML does not have an underscore in the filename.)

DotP 2013 Deck Creator by Dysgenics

DotP 2013 another Deckcreator by Lirave

DotP 2013 Deck Manager (yet another editor) by Threepwood

Riiak's DotP 2013 Deck Builder

Card Generators/Localized Text

Downloader for localised text by thefiremind

Card generator by Emashzed

DOTP2013 Card generator by pcastellazzi

DOTP 2013 Card Templater by kevlahnota

DotP2013 Card v2 Structure Downloader by BETenner

Here's my DotP2013 (web) generator by thefiremind

iPad Specific

Tools to make iPad-compliant decks by Emashzed

DotP Links

Slightly Magic Forum