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ManaLink 2.0

Update for Microprose's Magic: The Gathering PC Game

Installation Guide and User Manual


Developer Center

Coding Cards in C Tutorial on how to code, implement and add cards. Old Tutorial for adding cards using assembler.

Editing the .csv files

Guide to Magic.exe editing

How to Add New Card Images

Coding FAQs

API for Magic Coding in C (very outdated... your best bet it to copy from similar cards coded in C)

How to Patch in Your Cards


Unsolved Mysteries and Uncodeable cards

Rules for developers

Memory Address Blocks for each developer

Other download links

(Work in progress - please add here the link for your additions, if they are not new cards, as new sounds, arts or whatever adds custom contents to the game)

Harry Pitfal's Alternative Duel Sounds: http://www.savefile.com/files/2053308

Mathusalem's game new graphic skin (test): http://rapidshare.com/files/255736204/DuelartNew.rar

ManaLink History

ManaLink Links

Slightly Magic Forum

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